This is the part where I face death

25 Jul

Not literally of course, or at least not yet.

Yesterday, after Adam and I spent the better part of the morning looking up old songs from the 90s that we had forgotten, I got down to business and started filling out forms that are about my death. Namely, my Last Will and Testament & also my living will, so that if I’m a vegetable, the plug can be pulled. It’s a little creepy. I don’t think people think about things like wills at the age of 23, or at the very least, my friends don’t.

The part that freaked me out the most was the part that asked me what I wanted to do with my body, i.e. cremation vs. burial. I have no idea. I feel like there are already too many bodies in the ground, so I’ll probably go with cremation, but then that brings up the question of what to do with my ashes. I’ll be gone, right? So I won’t care…right?

Along with paperwork about my death, I worked on the power of attorney that will give Adam free control of every aspect of my life, including the power to destroy everything. It’s all been quite exciting.

On a last, rather sad note, today is my last full day in our Richmond house. Tomorrow we will make the trek up to Front Royal to see my mother for a few days, and also, I hope to visit with a few other friends. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about leaving the house. I love it so much and Adam and I have put so much work into it together, as a couple, and now as husband and wife, that it really does hurt to say goodbye to it for so long. Is that strange? I’m emotionally attached to a house.

Maybe it’s what the house represents – home, family, the heart of it all. Maybe that, more so that these old boards, is what I’m really going to miss. I wish I could have cleaned it a little more before leaving it, just so I could remember it all nice and neat, but really, this is what it’s supposed to look like.  It’s supposed be a little disorganized because we live here. 

Oh well, I’ll be back in October for leave, so I’ll see it then.

Let’s see – what else to say. Oh, on Sunday we had dinner with Adam’s family, which makes them my in-laws now, at Outback in Williamsburg. I did pretty well, no tears until after his mom, Nana, and sister left. Then, when saying goodbye to his dad I just started crying. I hate being this emotional, but I think it would be worse if I wasn’t emotional. It’s just that crying gives me a headache and I don’t like it.


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