Departing is such…a mess.

31 Jul

Well, today is/was the last day of mine in Virginia, until I (hopefully) get leave in October. The past three days being on active duty have been wild, to say that least. It was busy both Saturday and Sunday, with today being exceedingly dull. Saturday we had to rummage through all of our stuff, pack it up and make sure we’re not missing anything. We did not leave Fort Belvoir until 6:30 Saturday night, meaning I didn’t get back to my Grandmother’s house and my husband until just after 7:00 – not so fun. Sunday was better, with an early morning of loading crap on trucks to haul out, and cleaning offices. Sunday we left at 1:15 – which totally made my day.

Today was okay – pretty dull for most of the morning. Adam went with me today because he needs an ID card so he can have things like insurance and get onto military posts and whatnot. But that didn’t happen because the system was being ignorant and he’s not in the system yet anyway. But, he can go by himself and get it, hopefully soon.

Then, at 3:00, we had a departure ceremony, and my mother, grandmother and sister came to that as well. It was nice but left me with a deep sadness. Before it even started I had tears in my eyes, and through the ceremony I was weepy, and at the end I was weepy too. I was mostly just weepy the entire afternoon.

As for tomorrow – I have to be at Fort Belvoir no later than 5:00 AM, at which point we will bus to Dulles Airport and catch a plane. I’m worried about how my sanity will be by that point. I’m trying to stay positive, but I know I won’t be able to stop crying – goodbyes are always hard and I haven’t really let myself cry all that much. Crying is good thing, but this is my job, I know everything is going to be fine, it just sucks a lot a bit.

I probably will not be able to post much over the next few months because my computer access will probably be pretty limited. Maybe I’ll get Adam to post updates on what’s going on.

Wish me luck. This whole mess should be quite interesting.


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