Today is, I think, Day 24

24 Aug

Today has been a better day I suppose. I keep thinking about things that normal people have, especially when we drive by the houses of happy people, who get to sleep in their own beds, eat whatever they want, sleep in, etc. The things that we do not have are odd things that most take advantage of.

When we eat chow, we eat on Styrofoam plates, all divided up for the different food. Our forks, spoons, and knives are all plastic. Our cups are Styrofoam. It is real plates, real forks, spoons and knives that I miss the most – come Labor Day pass, Andrew and I are getting Adam from the airport and going straight to a place where they serve alcohol and food on real plates. I can’t wait.

Other things that I miss are private showers. I really want to take a bath. I really want to be in the shower by myself and without other females – yeah, you think it sounds hot, but really, no – it’s fucking gross.


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