Home is where my dogs are

7 Sep

So today has been totally uneventful. I got into the office at about 6:50 this morning and have been here ever since, guarding the building, answering the phone that has rung approximately three times today and waiting until I can leave this building.

What is it that I do all day long when I have nothing productive to do? Well, today I have thought of marvelous ways to overhaul certain rooms in my house.

First, I decided today that I am not the biggest fan of my bedroom back home. I feel that is lacking in oomph. There is not enough excitement in this room and therefore, I am passing the time by looking at multiple online shops to find ways to better my master bedroom. I don’t like our bedroom set and have found several online that are more fabulous. West Elm has fabulous options. I think I want a bigger bed – not as in moving up from a queen to a king – but a bigger bed that sits higher off the ground, as our current bed is quite low. I think a bed that sits higher will prove more conducive to our current living situation, as we could in fact store things under the bed. I also want a dresser that is lower and longer. And most importantly, I want a bedside table. Not having one was really starting to make me crazy and I think the room would look better with tables next to the bed. Lastly, I think a seating area would be cute. I want a comfortable chair to curl up in or something to that effect. A bedroom should be cozy and comfortable and ours, at this time, is neither.

Really, I think spending time thinking of ways to redecorate makes me feel closer to home. This is something that I just realized as I was writing the above paragraph. Thinking about home makes me feel closer to home and therefore, thinking about redecorating my home makes me feel super close to it. Ohhh- I want a dog bed in there too 🙂 I think Aiden would benefit from having a bed. He lays on clothes that get dropped on the floor. Connor wouldn’t care – he likes to sleep on the bed – at least until he gets too warm.

I also think my living room could look better – we just got a new couch and now I feel the need to consider updating the rest of the room so it’s as fabulous as the couch. One big thing I want to do to the living room is put in long, billowy white curtains – the walls are red and we’ve brought in black and white to tone it down a bit, and white curtains would be perfect.

In other news, next week I have to take a Combat Life Saver course – essentially that means needles and other wretched things. I am not excited about the thought of sticking someone with a needle. In fact, the thought literally makes me sick to my stomach. But alas, it is one more box that I have to check to get out of Indiana and on to Germany. I can’t wait for Germany and then Kosovo. I am so ready to get this entire deployment done with so that I can get on with my life and redecorate my house.

As for the fight against smoking, I had four yesterday and have, so far, only had 2 – one this morning at 6:25, and then one about 45 minutes ago. It is an uphill battle. My brain knows that smoking is unhealthy and that the tobacco companies are evil, and yet that other part of my brain really wants a cigarette after I do anything even marginally exciting. Hopefully, I will be able to conquer this.

I talked to Adam today about overhauling the bedroom and he said that he feels it should be painted – I hadn’t really thought about that. It is the least bold color in our entire house – it’s a very tame light brown. I like it being very calm in there, but Adam might be on to something, it doesn’t quite fit in with the other rooms in the house. Our living room is bright red, our hall is a light charcoal grey, our kitchen is a deep hunter green, our downstairs bathroom is bright kelly green, our guest room/office is bright turquoise, our upstairs bathroom is a bright blue and our library is going to be lime green. So the question is – what color would be suitable for the bedroom that is calm, not yellow, and fits in with the rest of the house? I’m open to suggestions.


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