Copping out yet again. Please forgive me.

9 Sep

8 things you couldn’t live without:

1. Water – hydration is key at this point, especially because I have a PT test tomorrow morning.

2. Music – At this point, I need music to drown out my thoughts and help me feel like a human being.

3. Food – this should be obvious – I need sustenance, and lately, the Army chow has been horrible and I fear I might waste a way quite soon.

4. Lotion – without it my hands hurt because they get so dried out – I think it’s because the soap we have here sucks the life right out of everything it touches.

5. My cell phone – without it I would be useless. I do not know any phone numbers by heart anymore.

6. My wedding ring – it makes me feel close to my husband even though I’m currently several states away – I love having it on my hand to remind me that he’s waiting for me back home.

7. A bed to sleep in – yeah, I could survive on the ground, but a bed really is much better.

8. Books – books are the best way to escape into a totally different world.

7 people you respect:

1. My husband – he puts up with me after all, therefore I have to respect him.

2. Jennifer – after seven years of friendships and the ups and downs of life, she has captured my respect and my love for being such a strong, beautiful person.

3. Liz – after high school together and our relationship through college, she has gained my respect with her strong convictions and her dedication to her beliefs.

4. Andrew – he’s been here at Camp Atterbury for two weeks longer than I have, and, because of that fact, he needs my respect.

5. My bosses – only because I feel it is obvious and obligatory to put that here.

6. Children – they are wise beyond their years and absolutely deserving of our faith and respect.

7. Jackie – because the last few days have sucked for her and she is just an incredibly strong woman and an excellent NCO.

6 foods you hate:
1. Seafood – that includes everything that lives in water – I cannot handle the smell, and thus cannot handle the thought of putting something like that in my mouth.

2. Army eggs – they come out of a bag, enough said.

3. Little Debbie Zebra Cakes – during high school I would eat one literally every day; now, the smell is enough to make me gag.

 4. Pork, Ham, etc. – Recently, while on our way to Indianapolis to drop someone off at the airport, there was a large tractor trailer carrying little piglets. The trailer had four levels, all crammed with little bitty piglets, and, since seeing those little piggies, all cute and playing with each other, I have not been able to consume pig products. I tried to convince myself that they were going on vacation, but, knowing what I know, I cannot eat the little piggies. This is, unfortunately, making my life rather difficult as the only food stuff with protein that we get for morning chow is either sausage or bacon.

5. Beef – ok, I don’t hate it, I actually enjoy it, but, the same day I saw the little piggies there was another trailer filled with cows and they looked so cute that now I can’t eat beef either. This is rather insane, as I grew up on a farm and have seen chickens slaughtered and eaten cows that we owned. However, I think the inhumanity of it all is the biggest problem. I am, however, still consuming chicken, as they are evil and vile creatures and I have no pity for them. At this point I’m wondering about the effect my vegan and vegetarian friends have had on me – Liz, Chris, what do you have to say for yourselves?

6. Tuna Mac – yes, this could be lumped together with seafood, but sometimes Adam mixes Tuna Fish with Macaroni and Cheese and I find it to be the most disturbing, and stinkiest, meal I have ever seen.

5 places you’ve been to:

1. Hawaii – July 2005 – what a trip. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world – the mountains are so different from what I’m used to.

2. Florida – July 2006 – not the only time I went there, but the most recent. This particular trip was for my honeymoon and I loved it, although the humidity is a bit much.

3. Vermont – August 2004 – The first trip Adam and I took by ourselves – loads of fun on the way up, but it was for a Phish concert that got cancelled.

4. Salem, Mass – August 2004 – same trip as the Vermont trip – it’s a nifty town. We camped there and really enjoyed ourselves.

5. New York City – March 2003 – School field trip. There is nothing like seeing NYC for the first time – it literally took my breath away.

4 good friends:

1. Adam – my husband – this should be a no-brainier.

2. Jennifer – 7+ years and counting, she’s fabulous and I could not have gotten through without her.

3. Liz – after all the mess, she is an amazing person and I will always love her.

4. Andrew – my battle buddy – here in the suck I would sink without him.

3 hobbies:

1. Reading – books are a must, reading is stimulation and nourishment for the mind.

2. Cooking – seriously, before I left for here and after the marriage, I started cooking a lot more. It was awesome.

3. Writing – it is a sweet release of all the pent up madness that swirls in my mind.

2 stupid things you’ve done:
1. At this moment, I’m thinking that joining the Army was pretty stupid, but my opinion on that question is subject to change several times over the course of a single hour.

2. Got a pedicure right before deployment which removed my calluses – but alas, it was needed and I had pretty feet for my wedding, so I don’t care. But my feet sure were hurting when I first got here – lots of blisters….

1 wish:

1. World Peace?

This survey was found at:

I might write more later – yesterday turned into a really bad day and I am still rather angry at the world as a whole. I don’t know how much I am willing to disclose here, however, some ranting is in order regarding my situation, so stay tuned for that.


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