The Indy Plague

13 Sep

I have managed to catch the crud – the plague – the horrible illness that has run its destructive course on all my buddies, including Andrew and Nicki and most of the females that I sleep near each and every night. I had thought, briefly, that maybe, just maybe, I had managed to escape this blasted illness, but alas, it appears it has caught up with me. So, for the past three days I have been miserable sniffing, bitching, moaning, hacking and whinning. However, I have the sincere hope that, within the next 48 hours, I will begin to feel much, much better.

Really, it is not surprising to get ill upon mobilization. Take 1500 soldiers from around the country and put them in one small area and just watch and see what happens. I think the entire time that I was in Basic and AIT I had some sort of little sniffle or cough going on. I just wish this nasty cold wasn’t beating the crap out of me so much.

One good thing has come of this whole plague thing – I’ve done a pretty good job quitting smoking today. I think I might have had two cigarettes yesterday, and today I have not had any, nor do I want any as crappy as I feel right now. So, hopefully this illness will stop me from wanting a cigarette.

Let’s see, really that’s all the exciting news. I will be home for a week in less than a month and that makes me very, very happy. Other than that, this cold is killing me and I want nothing more than to take a very hot bath and sleep for days.


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