The Lioness, by Songs: Ohia

18 Sep

It is for me………the eventual truth
of that look
of the lioness
to her man across the Nile.
It is that look of the lioness to her man across the Nile.
Wanna feel my heart break,
if it must break,
in your jaws………
Want you to,
lick my blood off your paws

You can’t get here fast enough(x6)

I will swim to you(x4)

Whether you save you me.
Whether you savage me.

Want my last look
to be the moon
in your eyes………..
Want my heart to break,
if it must break,
in your jaws.
Want you to lick my blood off your paws.

It is for me,
the eventual truth.
It is that look of the lioness to her man across the Nile(x2)

…………….you can’t get here fast enough(x6)
I will swim to you(x2)


I adore this song – more than words can possibly express.

The past several days have been okay – I have been working with public affairs, doing my real job, so that’s always a plus. Not too much secretary work, although it does appear that my SGS job will keep me quite busy in Kosovo. I don’t mind being kept busy, as long as the work is at least a little challenging.

The best news is that I got promoted yesterday. No more PFC, please refer to be from here on out as Specialist. Being a fabulous PFC was wonderful, but now I am moving on to bigger and better things. It is weird to look down and see different rank on my chest though. But, it was great to get promoted.

The fight to quit smoking is going quite well. Andrew and I smoked our last cigarette together on the 13th – mind you, it is now the 18th. Five days smoke free and feeling great. Being ill helped immensely, and without the urge diminished I don’t know what I would have done. Next up we have to wait and see what happens when I go home on leave in October.

In other amusing news, before heading for the unamsing news, two people have told me in the last week that they strongly believe I will be a lifer – meaning that I will spend the next 20 or so years in the Army. I don’t really know how I feel about this. We have good days and bad days here and it is hard to know how I will feel at the end of this deployment. If, come December 2007, my morale is high and my motivation intact, than it is possible that a reenlistment will be in my future; however, if that time comes and my motivation has disappeared and I am miserably disenchanted with military operations, then I certainly will not reenlist.

The news regarding Kosovo lately has been rather tense. Today there was news of a bombing that damaged four cars – the third such attack in as many days. The talks about the future of Kosovo will ultimately upset someone – in this matter neither side can win, and I am sad for that. I wish ultimately for peace, but it is hard to give up something that so many have died for. I am lucky to be a part of a mission that holds as its main goal to provide a safe environment for the people of Kosovo, I just hope that our efforts help. Go figure that we will get in country when the talks and votes will begin – it is my luck, but I am optimistic about the future and about the peace that I hope the future holds for Kosovo.


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