Army Training!

30 Sep

So, our marvelous Public Affairs Officer, who I don’t really work for, managed to get us, meaning Andrew and I, a camera. We are now mission capable for our non-mission. It’s complicated, I know.

Allow me to explain: Andrew is slotted as a driver, however, he is an Army trained journalist. I am slotted as a clerk, and I, like Andrew, am an Army trained journalist. When we are not driving and clerking, we are journalisting.

Yesterday, I took pictures of nifty training. They, the Soldiers, practiced setting up checkpoints and doing stuff with black hawks, and really, it was fabulous.

In other news, I go on leave in about a week, and I can’t wait to be home and take a shower in my own shower and sleep in my own bed and see my furry little baby dogs. Oh – and eat good pasta, not this overcooked shit that the Army decides to feed us once in a very, very blue moon – which reminds me of a song I want to hear right now…hmmmm…Maybe I have ADD.


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