Is this the part where I get to nap? Please?

2 Oct

Seriously. I am in need of deep, deep sleep in a bed less than five feet off the ground, with a width greater than my wingspan. I want to nest, yes nest in a bed with lots and lots of pillows and big fluffy quilts. Sleeping under a poncho liner is starting to get rather old, as is sleeping on the top bunk.

Speaking of the top bunk, sleeping up there has made me realize how unmotivated I can be. For example, if I happen to drop something from up on my top bunk, I am extremely unlikely to climb down and get it. What will occur instead, is that I will sit there, way up high on my top bunk, and look down at whatever it is I have dropped, and weigh the pros and cons of getting it. Getting down requires climbing down and then climbing back up, while leaving it means no exertion of energy whatsoever. I have dropped blankets, clothing, books, candy, notebooks, medication, lotion and a host of other things and I’ve learned that, in all actuality, I don’t generally need these things. Anything I drop will be there when I decide to make the dreadful trek off the bunk, therefore, getting something immediately after dropping it is just silly.

Today has been busy – seriously. Other than lunch time, this is the first time I’ve had a moment to just breathe and really, I love it. The day goes by much faster when I have things to occupy myself with; however, I will admit that I am desparate for my nap time to begin, yet the army has yet to agree with me that naps are a necessity and should be part of the scheduled program.


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