Coffee, let me count the ways I love you.

6 Oct

Before this deployment coffee was a beverage I enjoyed every few months or so, and even then, only to surprise my husband. Currently, I am drinking coffee nearly every day and generally more than one cup. It is not something that I sip – it is something that I gulp, and I find this whole thing rather strange. I feel I could drink coffee all day, every day, and it is with much difficulty that I restrain myself from doing such things. I am going to be absolutely addicted to it before the deployment ends and I don’t even own a coffee pot at home. Does this count as a serious issue? Probably not.

Three days until leave, and I’m still stressed. There is so much to do still that it feels like it’s still a lifetime away. In just a few days I will be enjoying a fabulous beer at the airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. I can’t wait. However, I have to get over a few more jumps before I get to that point.

I’ve been too busy today. I woke up at 0500, went to chow with Andrew by 0600, went to take a test at 0700, got out of that and back over to the office at about 0900, did my morning stuff and then, at about 1100 we went over to one of the mock cities to take pictures of the awesome training that was going on. We were there from 1100 until about 1445, now it’s 1548 and I’m hungry and exhausted and ready for the day to be over. But – not yet – not until much, much later.

I’m so ready to leave this damn state. I’m ready for my great escape. I’m ready for a long ride in the car with the windows down and the music up and peace and quiet of being absolutely and completely alone. Don’t take that the wrong way, I can’t wait to see my husband and my dogs and be with them, but I’m also looking forward to the quiet of my own mind and nothing else – granted, my mind is rarely quiet.

Honestly, I just want to be alone for like 30 minutes – is that so much to ask?


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