I’m taking this as a sign

13 Oct

We had chinese food last night.  My fortune says “The night life is for you.” It’s totally a sign. This message came after going out with some Army friends Wednesday night. It’s fabulous and I love it!

Other things that are fabulous? Well, leave is fabulous. My couch is fabulous. Taking showers by myself is fabulous..

All in all it’s been a good week. Sunday I got smashed – really smashed – at the airport. We spent like five hours drinking at TGI Fridays in the Indianapolis airport. According to one individual I was so drunk I could barely stand, although I do not remember being quite that drunk.

Monday I didn’t do much – lounged around the house and baked Adam a cake for his birthday, then we went out to dinner with his parents. I think his birthday sucked a little cause he had to work and he had class, but still, at least I was here.

Tuesday I went shopping with Andrew and that was fabulous – then I met Jennifer for dinner and we talked and talked and I ended up crashing at her house cause I didn’t feel like making the drive all the way back to Richmond. Her father and I talked her into joining the Army. She’s been mentioning joining the Marines for several years now, so really – it’s not a big surprise.

Wednesday I came home, hung out, went over to Chris and Jon’s for pizza then out to Have a Nice Day Cafe with Army people – got smashed again.

Yesterday, Thursday, I didn’t even get dressed. I enjoyed that. It was a take it easy day. I needed a do nothing day and eating chinese food and doing nothing was exactly what I needed.

Today, Friday, my dad came up for most of the day and that was awesome – it was really good to see him and spend time with him before I head off. Adam and I just got back from shopping – we didn’t get anything, but we looked at a lot of stuff and thought up some wonderful plans for the house.

Tomorrow I have to have lunch with my mother and that makes tomorrow wretched. I don’t want to see her, but know that I have to make her happy. I’m just not happy about seeing her, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to do some shopping – I need a few things.


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