Post Secret and some sort of update type thing

29 Oct

I love Postsecret. I’m currently waiting for Frank to update the page. I guess it’s only 0600 there, while here it’s 1200. I need my new Postsecrets to be posted please. For those of you who have not become addicted, please visit and fall in love with the beauty of the project.

I have decided that the way to be in regards to Germany is indifferent. I’m trying not to hate it, because that’s too much emotion to dedicate to a silly little place called Hohenfels. Eventually, after the madness begins, we will get to Kosovo and I will be a much, much happier person. I am in a better mood than I was when I posted the last blog, so that’s a positive thing. I was pretty pissed – that was definately an I-hate-the-Army day from hell. I haven’t had one since; however, I have had several moments of what-the-fuck-are-they-thinking-that’s-the-most-fucked-up-thing-I’ve-ever-heard. But, working in the office I work in, that’s to be expected.

I can’t stop shopping on amazon – it’s really a problem. I just keep adding things to my wishlist and pondering whether or not to buy them now and have them shipped to me in Kosovo. Mostly, it’s books – there are a lot of books that I want. Like the new PostSecret book. Plus, joy of joys, there is a new Sims expansion pack out – PETS! Yay! I want to play so bad, but, after working 14 hour days, doing the nightly walk with Andrew to vent about the bullshit, and then attending to such things as showers, laundry and whatnot, I don’t have much energy left for the Sims. I do miss them though – I’m such a fabulous dork. Perhaps once I get in country I will have time to play Sims, although, really, showers and laundry will probably always remain more important than Sims – oh well.

Okay – it’s chow time here – 1200, and my battle buddy has yet to return. I’m so hungry, but I owe him three lunches and I would really like it if he returned so that I can eat some food. I need food or I will waste way dammit!

In closing, I would like to leave you with my favorite PostSecret from this previous week. It’s interesting. To this person, I would like to agree with the person that emailed Frank about it – maybe you are part of it, maybe you make it more beautiful. Regardless, I like this secret – it makes sense to me.


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