Made it.

23 Nov

Okay – I made it to Kosovo. Does that count for anything? Other than that, I can’t say much. There is a lot going on right now and I wish I could pour it all out, but some things are probably better left unsaid. Actually, a lot of things are better left unsaid.

Germany was really cool – wandering around all over the place and having no idea what the hell is going on is rather interesting. We went to Munich and Nuremberg, Nuremberg being the more interesting of the two cities in my opinion. I went to a castle, that was fabulous.

But, now I’m here. Finally. Finally where I’m going to be for the next year, for better or worse. I can’t explain how glad I am to finally be here, but life is kinda hectic crazy, so we’ll see how it goes. Really I’m just glad I can order all the shit I’ve been thinking about ordering for months now – bath robes, pajamas, girly shit, books, movies – yay!

Anyway – here’s a fabulous Germany picture for you to enjoy –


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