101 in 1001

26 Feb

Okay – here we go. Here’s my list of 101 things that I have to complete in 1001 days. My official start day is March 1st, which makes my end date November 26, 2009. In the future, I’ll blog about my progress and I’ll add the list to the right hand side and cross things off as I accomplish them.

101 in 1001

The Mission:Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Start: March 1, 2007
End: November 26, 2009

1. Send a secret to Post Secret.
2. Adopt a dog.
3. Sleep under the stars.
4. Swim in the ocean.
5. Blog at least three times a week.
6. Participate in the 26 things project.
7. Get another tattoo.
8. Bake a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
9. Create a big collage and actually display it.
10. Finish my bachelor’s degree.
11. Move away from home.
12. Visit 5 states I’ve never been to before. (0/5)
13. Pay off my car.
14. Update my will.
18. Use my domain.
19. Vote.
20. Take at least one picture a day for a full month.
21. Write one poem a week for 15 weeks. (0/15)
22. Collect at least 50 quotes that inspire me.(0/50)
23. Go on road trips with the two most important people in my life. (0/2)
24. Go on a road trip by myself.
25. Create a list of my top 50 all-time favorite books and start rereading them. (0/50)
26. Determine what key clothing pieces I’m missing from my wardrobe and acquire them.
27. Find and purchase a couch that is both attractive and comfortable.
28. Discover 5 new poets who inspire me. (0/5)
29. Create a scrapbook.
30. Find the perfect little black dress.
31. Go through my closet and donate all the clothes that I will never, ever wear; or just give them to Jennifer.
32. Relearn how to walk in heels comfortably.
33. Organize all the poetry I’ve written over the past 10 years.
34. Buy a fire proof safe.
35. Write letters to David and Joe, and then burn them. (0/2)
36. Learn to be honest with myself.
37. Buy a new bed and new bedding.
38. Have a savings account containing at least $10,000
39. Visit the west coast.
40. Finally quit smoking.
41. Go out to dinner by myself.
42. Organize all my photos, including digital.
43. Stay a size 4.
44. Have a perfect November 2007.
45. Learn to cook at least five really great meals. (0/5)
46. Make a list of at least 25 songs that mean the world to me, then blog about it. (0/25)
47. Take a class that is totally unrelated to my major, just because.
48. Update and revise both my big research papers. (0/2)
49. Re-visit New York City.
50. Get waxed.
51. Create a list of family and friend birthdays and addresses and send out letters.
52. Start a FLICKR account.
53. Visit David’s grave and try to let go.
54. Stay up all night long with someone.
55. Learn to be comfortable showing my stomach.
56. Buy a house.
57. Make a list of museums, zoos, parks, etc. and visit at least five of them. (0/5)
58. Bake a cake from scratch.
59. Go somewhere tropical.
60. Stay in bed with someone for a full 24 hours.
61. Become a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
62. Buy new dinnerware.
63. Change my life drastically.
64. Learn to love my scars continuously, not just sometimes.
65. Go back to Asheville, NC.
66. Write passionately and intelligently about something that matters to me at least bimonthly.
67. Exercise at least four times a week.
68. Have an herb garden.
69. See a waterfall.
70. Go on a totally spontaneous vacation.
71. Kiss in the rain.
72. Go back to Athens, Ohio.
73. Say, “I trust you” to someone and mean it completely.
74. Reread the Harry Potter series. (0/6)
75. Remain self-harm free.
76. Have my driver’s license picture taken again.
77. Get a stamp in my passport.
78. Take a hike.
79. Learn to be comfortable enough with my body to walk around my house totally naked.
80. Start a tradition
81. Learn to really let myself go, in all facets of life, even if it’s just once.
82. Get the big Delta.
83. Dance in the rain again.
84. Volunteer for a cause I really support.
85. Make a loaf of bread from scratch without using a bread machine.
86. Pick wildflowers.
87. Buy myself a piece of scandalous lingerie.
88. Donate at least $100 to a charity that I believe in 100%.
89. Stay on the Dean’s List through the rest of college.
90. Create a resume.
91. Stop taking out all my anger on the people I love.
92. When I get really, really angry, learn to ask myself why I’m so upset, and deal with it then, instead of storing it for an explosion.
93. Create a memory box.
94. Read at least 15 banned books. (0/15)
95. Perfect my spaghetti sauce.
96. Read at least one poem a day, every day.
97. Make someone laugh so hard, they cry.
98. Learn to cry again.
99. Compile a list of my 50 favorite movies and re-watch them. (0/50)
100. Buy myself one fabulous piece of jewelry.
101. Drive the Skyline Drive.


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