Pathway to Illumination

5 Mar

Since I’m knee deep in thoughts about my list and about the potential goals I have for the next year (or two, or three), I keep looking at the 101 in 1001 lists of others, and have managed to stumble upon some interesting and beautiful ways to better myself and to enhance my brain. I keep stumbling across projects and ideas that I want to partake in. Among some of my favorite finds from today’s web browsing, are the following:

1. Project 365: How do Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way — In case you can’t figure this out on your own, the idea is to take one picture a day, for a full year, or, 365 days. This is a great idea, and a great way to remember a year when looking back later. My only concern is that I lack the conviction and commitment to actually take at least one picture a day for an entire year, although, #20 on my list does read “take at least one picture a day for a full month.” Maybe I should consider starting with that, watching my progress, see if I enjoy actually taking a picture a day, and then maybe continue another month and so forth, until I’ve either had enough, or until I finish the year. It sounds like quite an interesting challenge though, especially because I would be super concerned with finding pictures that capture what my day was like. We’ll see how a month goes, then I’ll reevaluate the situation.

2. We Are What We Do — While not based in the US, there is a Canadian version. Basically, it’s a way to keep track of the good things you do, whether it’s smiling when you answer the phone, or throwing your gum in the trash. I love this concept, maybe just because I want to be a better person, and, since watching things change so rapidly in the past year, I’ve got a deep desire to let myself relax. My stress level is totally unhealthy and is leaving my back in knots and I’m losing entirely too much sleep over the little stuff. I think I might try to check off 25 things off their list, just to make myself feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Additionally, I started a FLICKR account, which is great and it’s super fun just to look at the pictures of others. I love it, and will, eventually post a link.

On an unrelated note, I think my birthday is also causing much of my unwanted and unnecessary stress, but, it always does. I know I’ve mentioned this about a million times, but, still, I hate my birthdays. I’m hoping that once I get past my birthday, I’ll be a much happier person and realize that, at 23, I’m not old and unaccomplished. I’m not making any promises, but that’s the plan right now…


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