#25: The beginnings of another list

9 Mar

#25: Create a list of my top 50 all-time favorite books and start rereading them.

In starting this list, I have created rules for myself. Let me explain why. Since college started, I have had problems committing to books. I have started many, many books, but finished few. It is not easy (for me) to finish recreational reading endeavors when I am bogged down in textbooks. Therefore, books that I have started, but not finished, regardless of how much I like them, or think I will like them, will not be included, despite the fact that I can think of at least 10 books I should finish in order to include them on this list. Such is life, I suppose.

To reiterate and expand upon the previous paragraph, here are my rules for #25:

– In order to include a book, I must have read the entire book, not just half of it.
– Books in a series will be counted as one entry.
Anthologies can be included on the list; however, no more than three books on the top 50 can be anthologies, and they must be designated as such.
– Books of poetry are not to be included.
– Books included on this list must have left an impact. Books that I felt were good, but not great, will not be included, regardless of whether or not that means I fall short of 50 favorite books at this moment in time. I’ve got 1001 days to find 50 books I absolutely love.
– This list, due it’s designation as “all-time favorite” can include books that I enjoyed as a child, or young adult.

And, here it is – my list, so far, of all-time favorite books, in no particular order:

01. The Life of Pi – by Yann Martel
02. The Mists of Avalon – by Marion Zimmer Bradley
03. White Oleander – by Janet Fitch
04. A Solitary Blue – by Cynthia Voight
05. The Virgin Suicides – by Jeffrey Eugenides
06. The Giver – by Lois Lowry
07. Illusions – by Richard Bach
08. Valley of the Dolls – by Jacqueline Susann
09. Girl, Interrupted – by Susanna Kayson
10. Go Ask Alice – by Anonymous
11. The Da Vinci Code – by Dan Brown
12. A Walk to Remember – by Nicholas Sparks
13. Just as Long as We’re Together – by Judy Blume
14. The Giving Tree – by Shel Silverstein
15. The Harry Potter Series – by J.K. Rowling
16. The Uglies Trilogy – by Scott Westerfield
17. Summer Sisters – by Judy Blume
18. Jonathon Livingston Seagull – by Richard Bach
19. The Hours – by Michael Cunningham
20. Tuesdays with Morrie – by Mitch Albom
21. The Devil Wears Prada – by Lauren Weisberger
22. Beloved – by Toni Morrison
23. The Bell Jar – by Sylvia Plath
24. Things Fall Apart – by Chinua Achebe
25. Dangerous Angels – by Francesca Lia Block
26. Prozac Nation – Elizabeth Wurtzel
27. The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order – by Marcelle Karp and Debbie Stoller – ANTHOLOGY
28. Lord of the Flies – by William Gerald Golding
29. Green Eggs and Ham – by Dr. Seuss
30. Animal Farm – by Gorge Orwell
31. Death Be Not Proud – John Gunther

That’s it so far. I have at least 10 books that I started reading, loved, and then put down for unexplainable reasons, and, once I read them I intend to add them to this list.

I’ll post updates for #25 as I see fit, especially when I reread the books on this list and when I find an additional 19 books that are worthy of this list.

In other news, while my battle buddy did fix my truck, he’s still keeping it hostage and I’m a little hostile about it. He leaves for school tomorrow though, so, while one battle buddy returned on Tuesday, I’m losing another one tomorrow, and once he gets back, my boss goes home for leave. So, for the next month, someone I depend on daily will be gone. It’s a little annoying, but it’ll be okay.

Nothing else is new, considering I do essentially the same things every single day: Wake up. PT. Shower. Smoke. Go to chow with battle buddies. Go to work. Check email, print important things. Sit at desk and harass everyone that comes in my office. Gossip. Get things signed. Send out annoying mass emails that contain important information. Go to lunch. Smoke. Go back to office. Gossip. Send out more annoying mass emails. Harass boss. Get things signed. Harass everyone else. Check news. Go get mail. Smoke. Watch boss open mail. Eat chocolate. Gossip. Send out another annoying email. Print important things. Get things signed. Leave my office, go to other office. Harass coworkers. Leave work compound. Eat dinner. Smoke. Play Sims 2. Sleep.

Yeah. It’s super exciting, really. Sometimes I go to the PX. Sometimes I leave Camp Bondsteel. It’s really quite enjoyable, actually, it just sounds boring, but I manage to create fun.

UPDATE: 04.29.07: To view additions to this list, click here.


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