21 Mar

I love dogs. I miss dogs. Being deployed, I have very little animal contact, and what I miss most is dogs. In Kosovo, the only dogs we see are stray dogs all over the place, which makes me and my partner in crime, Pratt, very sad. Along with making us sad, it makes us insanely girly and causes us to make cute noises and go, “awww, look at the cute wittle doogie – he so precious.” Seriously. It just happens that way, and while it might be annoying to some, it’s become the accepted means of girly I-love-dogs expression while on this deployment.

In thinking about dogs today, I would like to include some things that I believe about dogs:

1. They are wonderful.
2. They make a house feel like a home.
3. Their love is more consistent and easy to see than people-love.
4. They should always be allowed on the bed.
5. They are make the best friends.
6. They deserve lots of love.
7. They are adorable.
8. They do silly things that make good stories.
9. They are like kids.
10. They are sometimes more enjoyable than TV.
11. I need one with me right here, right now.

There you have it. I miss playing with the cute wittle dawggies.


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