Yes, it does snow in Kosovo in March

23 Mar

This morning I rolled out of bed at 6:24. I left my warm, cozy, comfy bed, grabbed my shower gear, walked around the corner, out my front door and stopped. It was snowing. A lot. To give you a better mental picture, our barracks buildings are rectangular in shape, with five rooms, each with 3-4 people living in them, and a bathroom in the middle of the building. Therefore, to access the bathroom, I have to leave my comfy cozy living space, go outside on my porch, and walk two doors down.

In my early morning haziness, three possibilities went through my head as I walked outside and saw snow:

1. I was not really awake, but actually still in my bed dreaming about going outside and finding snow.

2. There was some guy with a snowblower blowing snow onto my porch and when I found him, I would kill him.

3. That I had picked the wrong door to go through somehow, and that surely, there must be another door where it was sunny and birds were chirping outside.

Unfortunately, it was really snowing this morning and continued to do so for about half the morning until it started drizzling and became a slushy mess outside. I can’t complain too much though, at least I got to see some snow during my time in Kosovo. I was pretty bummed to not really have a winter here, I just wish that I had some warning before going outside and being stunned and frozen. The worst of it was coming back from the shower, still wet, and getting snow blown all over me and, despite flip flops on my feet, getting my feet in cold, wet snow. It was just cold. Too cold for the END of March.

On a good note, today, minus the snow, has been a much better day than the horror that was yesterday. Yesterday ended and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. We, meaning Pratt and I, went to the gym and after leaving, I felt much, much, much better. And tonight, we’re going again, and I’m hoping that any residual stress left over will simply melt away.


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