Former discoveries, rediscovered

28 Mar

While cleaning up my computer and getting rid of unnecessary links in my favorites, I stumbled upon Boxed Thoughts. I have become thoroughly addicted since yesterday, which is generally how my addictions develop – quickly. I think the Boxed Thoughts project is in the same vein as the Post Secret project. Either way, you’re letting something go and giving it to the world. I like releasing thoughts. It makes me feel better.

In other news, nothing horrible has happened since my boss left. I know it’s only been two days, but still, avoiding catastrophe makes me happier. Today is a strange day though. Currently, I am the only person in any of the eight offices on my side of the hallway and it is alarmingly quiet. Usually there is lots of noise from music playing and hallway discussions, but today has been amazingly calm and low-key. It’s nice to have quiet days like this, but it’s not something I plan on getting used to.

On a good note, I’ve started to enjoy going to the gym at night. The benefits are amazing and I’m getting closer to loving my abs. They are flat, but I would like a bit more definition. I also think I sleep better when I go to the gym as I have the opportunity to burn off all my aggression and stress. I just feel so much better on days I go to the gym. I’d also like to think that I’m learning to cope better with stress and anxiety and whatnot by channeling it into motivation to work out. On bad days I get through the day by thinking about going to the gym and letting it all melt away. Needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Lastly, I decided today that March is going out like a big, grumpy, hostile lion. Since the snow we had last week, it has been ridiculously cold and windy. What’s worse, is that it was warm enough earlier in March and February for me to get used to it and now that it has suddenly gotten cold again, I’m no longer used to it. March should always leave like a lamb – this lion shit is making me want to be fat and eat cookies all day and never go outside again.


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