Not as planned

30 Mar

I  have nothing that I can say about the current state of things. I am…a lot of things. I’m quickly becoming pure emotion, with little rational thought left. It might be a Pisces thing – we’re supposed to lead with our hearts, and not our heads, therefore, it makes sense that I’m emotional.

As a warning, when I say emotional, I don’t necessarily mean depressed. I mean I’ve got a lot of emotion and feeling coursing through me and it’s actually a pleasant change from my former numbness. I can proudly say I got teary eyed twice yesterday – which I suppose is a step toward learning to cry again. Emotion is good, and I’m thankful for it. Emotion lets me know that I’m alive.

I was going to add on to #46 and write about another song. However, I might decide to only use one song by the artist I was thinking of, and if that’s so, the song by that artist that I can easily write about is not the song that I should write about because there is a better song that means more to me, and therefore, I’m holding off. Honestly, I have four songs that I would love to write about, but I fear that it would be difficult to do so and I fear the emotional search that it would require. Perhaps I should start on my computer, adding a little bit at a time so as to not get overwhelmed.

Lastly, I’m borrowing Andrew’s iPod since my boss isn’t here to plug in his and provide me with good music. I’m enjoying it immensely and I think having it and listening to it all day is what makes me think about writing about songs. As for me, I think iPods might be the devil and refuse to purchase one; that said, it doesn’t stop me from using someone else’s.


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