Oh, beautiful day

13 Apr

Paragraphs are stupid, and while I totally understand that I could write several paragraphs, with each paragraph containing one idea, my topics don’t relate to each other at all (AT ALL). So, because I’m having an affair with lists, I’m going to write a list of the stuff on my brain today for the second day in a row. Don’t judge me.

1. The title to this blog is due to the fact that my boss has returned from leave and is now safe and secure here on Camp Bondsteel. I am so pleased. Yes, pleased. That he has returned is wonderful, and when he returns to work tomorrow I fully intend on making him pounce on everyone that pissed me off in his absence.

It’s strange really, (Yeah, this is a separate paragraph within a list. Again, don’t judge me.) but I have found that I am pretty dependant on him being in the office with me, mostly because he protects me from unnecessary bullshit and allows me to vent my frustrations. He’s the best boss ever, and I’m glad he came back.

Also, I’m glad he came back because that means I’ve even closer to going on leave myself, which means he’ll have to deal without me being here to listen to him vent.


3. I realized today that I have very tolerant (and awesome) army friends. They don’t bat an eye when I stop them in the middle of a conversation while we’re carrying heavy boxes and demand that they let me take pictures of lady bugs. They seem understanding when I heave a big sigh, take out my camera and start taking pictures of flowers that we stopped to smoke next to. They don’t look at me like I’m a lunatic when I start taking pictures of the syrofoam cup filled with jelly beans on their desk. And, they let me take pictures of them while they’re making faces uses orange slices as an aid. They rock.

4. It’s Friday. Yay.


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