Thoughts on why I love my office and my job

16 Apr

Things I’ve heard in the past month:

“The shelf is actually barbaric.”

“What part of ‘no’ is classified?”

“No one can detain you if you don’t want to be detained.” Then, a conversation about how the parties in question were in ‘deep cover’ and how, if you don’t want to be detained, you naturally beat the shit out of the people trying to detain you.

I think you had to be there for all of the above, but I’m mostly writing it here so that I can remember in the future. Sometimes the Army is fabulous.

On a different note, part of my job is information dissemination, meaning I send out mass emails to all of Camp Bondsteel on a variety of different topics, from upcoming events, to historical information, and a whole plethora of other crap. What this means, is that every person on Bondsteel gets email from me. A side effect of being “Mass Email Gatti” is that I am frequently stopped and asked, “Are you Terra Gatti? The one who sends all the emails?” To which I reply, yes, yes I am, followed by apologies. On the one time I went to the hospital because I had the plague, the check-in guys harassed me about the emails. When I go take my vehicle for it’s weekly inspection, the guys down there harass me about the emails. I’m stopped almost daily by people wanting to know if I am, in fact, the one who sends out all the emails, and quite frequently I get emails back from people poking fun at whatever the subject of the email was. It’s fabulous really.

In the beginning of this deployment, when I first started sending out emails, people sent nasty emails back and told me they didn’t care about the information that I was sending out and would I please stop sending mass emails. Obviously, I didn’t. Eventually, people figured out that while I do send out a lot of emails and not all of them pertain to everyone, the delete button is easy to use. I’m thankful that most of the assholes who sent me hate mail had the opportunity to get bitched out by my boss, but also thankful that some of those hate mail sending assholes also later sent me emails thanking me for information I sent out. When it happened the first time, I totally did a happy dance in my office.

Really, the email thing is fun. I almost always know what’s going on, and I like that. I’m rarely surprised and it’s a part of my job that I enjoy. I’ve never been a fan of surprises.

Also, to totally change the mood of this blog, I think I might have remembered how to cry. I’m not sure if it’s the PMS, or just that I stopped being a guarded bitch, but, in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my ability to let myself cry. I think I always could cry, but it tickles and so I avoided it and swallowed the tears down. Hopefully, in a crying supportive environment, I won’t put my blockades back up.

Oh, and this isn’t a list, so you, potential reader, should be proud of me.

And, if you haven’t already today, please go check out Post Secret because this week’s secrets are amazing and some of them I swear I could have written myself.


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