Let it rain!

25 Apr

Currently, as I sit in my office that still vaguely stinks of paint fumes, the sky is falling. It is pouring outside. The building keeps shaking due to the thunder and the sound of rain on the roof has been constant for the past hour. Needless to say, I love it. It was hot today, and then, after lunch, the clouds rolled in, the sky turned dark, and started falling in the form of great big giant rain drops pounding the Earth. I love thunderstorms. Nothing beats a thunderstorm. I love the smell of the rain, the way the rain sounds, the way the thunder and lightening look and feel, the electricity in the air, and the beauty that appears after a much needed downpour. I love rain.

While it is administrative professionals day, I didn’t get to go to lunch today, and neither did my favorite people. Wretched things happened over night and it became obvious that we would all need to be in our offices today. I can’t tell you about it, but trust me when I say it’s wretched and sad and confusing and maybe a little immature and stupid.

In other news, my office is getting painted tomorrow, which is a little bit of a plus since that means I don’t have to work tomorrow. Although, it will be yet another day of moving furniture and smelling paint fumes once I come back to work tomorrow afternoon. Plus, I leave in less than a week and I’m a little concerned about how my boss is going to cope with me being gone. But, regardless of that, having a day to do nothing is fabulous.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I love my abs and the abuse that I put them through is really paying off. Oh, and I want nothing more than to twirl in the rain right about now.


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