I was almost struck by lightning

4 Jun

On Saturday it rained again.  I know, it’s shocking really that it would rain in Kosovo, but sure enough, Saturday night the sky opened once again and dumped massive quantities of rain onto this lovely little place I call home, Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.  There was thunder and lightning, a lot of rain.  It was all quite beautiful to me, although I might just be strange and love thunderstorms more than the average person.  It was actually quite enjoyable to sit outside and watch the madness of a June thunderstorm on what had been a beautiful Saturday. 

Sure, there was a lot of loud thunder, but my friend and I counted the time between when we saw the lightning and heard the thunder, and it all sounded pretty far away.  First they was about 9 seconds in between, then there was six seconds.  It was pretty nice actually, to listen to the rain and watch it and think about it washing away all the bullshit.  We were undercover too, by the way, we’re not stupid. 

Then, during a momentary pause in conversation, there was a sudden bright flash very, very close to my right side which was followed immediately by a very, very loud crash of thunder.  The electricity in the air was absolutely amazing and the force of the lightning striking within my line of sight literally took my breath away.  I have never been that close to a lightning strike before, and despite the panic and electric shock that it sent through me at first, it was pretty cool. 


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