Nifty things also named Terra, or I love my name

13 Jun

I have an awesome name. It’s true, it’s the coolest and I’ve got to give thanks to my parents who blessed me with a rock solid name. It’s Terra, by the way, in case you didn’t know.Terra is Latin in origin, meaning earth, or land.

I grew up thinking I was one of only a handful of Terra’s out there. Sure, I’ve met a few girls named Tara, but it’s not the same thing. Being a Terra, I have become quite stuck-up regarding the fact that my name is, in fact, pronounced ter-uh, and those girls who go by Tara are really actually Tar-a. Some will argue, some will not, but when you look at it, and sound it out phonetically, Terra is the right way to spell a name you pronounce Ter-uh, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure there are some lovely little Taras out there who disagree, but I’m not them, no, I am all that is Terra.

As I have discovered earth-friendly and earth-conscious blogs, I’ve stumbled across some really nifty things that go by the same name that I do. Apparently, when the world’s population starts to realize we’re destroying the Earth, it’s a really good time to be named Terra. The point is, it’s absolutely fascinating to see my name on things, as I grew up being one of those kids who was unable to find a key chain, bicycle license plate, or coffee mug with my name it.

Seeing my name on products, services, and even vehicles has taken a sharp incline in the past several years. It all started with Terra Chips, those delicious “exotic vegetable chips and potato chips.” You can’t even begin to imagine my excitement when I discovered them. For a while, I had an empty bag of Terra Red Bliss hanging up in my room, just because I liked seeing my name attached to the phrase “Red Bliss.” Then came Terra Blues, which make me swoon. I was raised on blue potatoes and then the name is just simply fabulous. Terra Blues are not only a delicious blue potato chips, they are also the times when I’m a sad Terra. Cheesy yes, but oh-so-true.

The next Terra thing that happened was that my mother purchased a Nissan XTerra. I have always harbored a silent hatred for the vehicle, not only because it’s a massive SUV that eats gas like I eat chocolate and Jelly Belly jelly beans, but because of it’s name. I don’t like the X in front of Terra. To me, it’s always been, and always will be, the anti-Terra car, in more ways than one.

Since I’ve been deployed, I’ve also discovered the Terrano, pictured below. I like to say it’s name as though it’s two words, like “Terra, no.” It’s funny to me in the same way that saying badminton as two words is funny. Don’t worry; I don’t expect you to understand.


More recently however, I’ve discovered TerraPass. TerraPass is a good thing. TerraPass is all about off-setting carbon emissions. The idea is, if you can’t avoid driving or flying somewhere, purchase a TerraPass to off-set all those emissions and TerraPass will invest in “renewable energy projects such as wind farms.” So, you fly and drive and inevitably put out carbon emissions because of your travels, and TerraPass instead puts your money into something that will help stop the same amount of carbon emissions from being pumped into the atmosphere. It’s a good program, and the idea of off-setting carbon emissions has started to become more and more popular as the crisis of global warming becomes more and more important and apparent.

Then there’s Terra Daily: News about Planet Earth. This isn’t necessarily all green/environmental news, for that you should hop on over to, but it news about what’s going on with the planet. There is a lot of news about green things, but there you will also find information about the building of dams, floods, and animals. It’s what it says it is – news about planet Earth.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of seeing on my name on things, regardless of what they are. It’s just exciting.

I know this isn’t all of the things named Terra. There are surely things that I’ve forgotten, and I know of several beauty lines that have products named Terra. I’ve seen them before, however, that’s just a shade name, not a whole product named after me. Yes, in my mind all things named Terra were named after me. I’d love to discover more Terra things, and I will surely continue to take pictures of all that I find.

Again, I love my name. I really, really do. terranova.jpg


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