Yes. I’m gloating in my accomplishment.

18 Jun

Back in March, I started taking pictures with the promise to continue to do so every day for at least a month (click here for more on that promise, and all the other promises I made in the month of March).  A month came and went, and I continued to take pictures every day. 

 Well, on Saturday, I reached the 100 pictures mark.  Now, to be honest, I did miss a few days, but I have, at this moment in time, taken at least one picture a day for 102 days.  I’m pretty pleased with myself. 

Also, the way I see it, if I’ve already taken pictures for 102 days, why not continue on until I get to 365?  And on that note, why don’t I write at least a paragraph for each picture so that when I’m 40 I can remember what the hell I’m looking at? 

To go look at my life over 102 days in pictures, click here


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