This is me complaining about things that aren’t that bad.

27 Jun

For some reason I’ve been totally zapped of any and all blog writing inspiration.  I can’t figure out why.  I think it’s because I’m tired.  Not the I need a nap tired.  I’m pretty sure it runs deeper than that.  I think I’m tired in the I’ve been deployed for eleven months and I’m ready to not be here anymore kind of tired. 

I’m comforted, slightly, by the fact that, as July approaches, we only have about four months left.  Considering that I’ve been doing the whole deployed Soldier thing for eleven months already, four months really doesn’t sound that bad.  Granted, what happens at the end of the deployment is also a little intimidating.  A lot has changed since I’ve been gone.  Plus, while I’m gone and as I don’t hear from people as frequently as I used to, my mind tends to expect things to be exactly the same when I get home.  For me, being here, it’s almost like I don’t expect life to have moved since I left, but I know it has. 

I suppose there’s a lot to prepare myself for when I get back home, the biggest of which includes starting college again.  I feel like I’ve missed a lot and seeing as all my friends that started college when I started college graduated this year, I can’t help  feeling a little behind.  Regardless, at least my breaks in college have been Army related and not due to be being too lazy to finish or try.  I suppose that’s a plus.

On a random note, I keep browsing on and have fallen in love with bright kitchen supplies.  I’m now thinking I need things like lime green cutting boards, bright blue tea kettles, and orange colanders. 


2 Responses to “This is me complaining about things that aren’t that bad.”

  1. titus2woman June 27, 2007 at 7:17 PM #

    I appreciated your thoughts on the accident~thanks for sharing them!

    Four months! WOOHOOO! You are ALWAYS welcome in our home, and I do so hope you’ll be visiting! I can certainly appreciate your being tired in a *deep* way. Just please know that in our house, you are not forgotten! We happen to love ya. ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi~still have your pic on our wall!

  2. Lavigne December 29, 2014 at 1:54 PM #

    Great artecli, thank you again for writing.

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