In honor of absolutely nothing, I want to talk about pirates. Because they rock. A lot.

6 Jul

Okay so, I get home in November.  November is winter.  I want to go on vacation to someplace warm that includes a beach and requires me to wear a bathing suit.  Knowing I will have a hard time finding a bathing suit in the November thru January time frame,  I bought this:


I got both the hoodie and the bathing suit.  I really, really like pirates for some reason, despite the fact that I have certain friends that like to remind me that I’m not allowed to be a pirate because I’m a.) a girl, and b.) unable to swim.

Also, I’d like to share with you a few things I learned about girl pirates today, because, what can I say, I’m a rebel and I secretly want to be a badass girl pirate, if only for a day or so.  Don’t tell anyone though.

  • Anne Bonny is probably the most famous female pirate.  There are rumors that, as a child, she killed a servant with a carving knife due to a disagreement.  She frequently wore men’s clothing and was an expert with both the pistol and the rapier. In other words, she was one tough cookie.
  • There are two stories about what happens to Anne Bonny.  One story says she just disappears, while the other says she settled in South Carolina, had a bunch of babies, and lived to the age of 81. 
  • Female pirates have been around since 600 BC.
  • According to a few of my sources, the main reason why women decided to become pirates was because they wanted to escape.  What were they escaping?  Apparently, a whole spectrum of things including arranged marriages, prostitition, and servitude. 
  • Other women became pirates because it was family traditional, or because they followed their significant others into the business.
  • One female pirate, named Sadie the Goat, got her name by headbutting captors before looting and pillaging them.
  • Rachel Wall is thought to be the first American female pirate.  Born in Pennsylvania, she eventually married a man that her parents strongly disliked, then moved to Boston.  Her hubby became a fisherman, met some fun friends, and both he and Rachel started partying away all their money.  So they stole a ship and started their pirating career together.  Eventually, her hubby was washed away in a storm, while Rachel was rescued and taken back to the States where she continued to steal and loot.  Eventually, she was captured and confessed to piracy.  She was hung on October 8, 1789.
  • Many Pirate Codes of Conduct included a rule that no boys or women were allowed on the pirate shit. 
  • Other banned things included gambling, lights on during the night, and fighting among fellow pirates.

Sadly, most searches for female pirates bring up Halloween costumes. 

Happy Friday!

Photo courtesty of Victoria’s Secret.

Sources include this, this, this, this and this


One Response to “In honor of absolutely nothing, I want to talk about pirates. Because they rock. A lot.”

  1. titus2woman July 6, 2007 at 5:27 PM #

    I can so see you in that~and you’ll be GORGEOUS! You can’t swim? My darling can’t either. I just thought all Moms made their children take swimming lessons their whole lives~LOL!

    Great info~my boys LOVE pirates! I think I’ll read them your list…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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