Because I’m tired and don’t want to tell you everything, here’s a list of what I did today

14 Jul
  1. Woke up, went to work, ate dry cereal.
  2. Got on a black-hawk helicopter and flew to the French Camp.
  3. Celebrated Bastille Day at the French Camp. 
  4. Celebrations included a ceremony, a marching band, fabulous French food, and a parachute show.  Very, very cool!
  5. Got told that it’s impossible that I don’t speak Italian because of my last name.
  6. Had several men attempt to speak to me in French.  I smiled politely and kept walking. 
  7. Went to the French PX and looked around.  Ended up getting chocolate because it’s a girl’s best friend. 
  8. Took lots and lots of pictures.
  9. Got back on a helicopter.
  10. Flew back to Camp Bondsteel in said helicopter with the doors open. 
  11. Got wind blown, but smiled the whole back.
  12. Landed at Camp Bondsteel.
  13. Checked in at the office, left work.
  14. Came home, changed into pajamas, and have spent several hours browsing online home decorating stores, watching TV, and lounging. 

2 Responses to “Because I’m tired and don’t want to tell you everything, here’s a list of what I did today”

  1. titus2woman July 15, 2007 at 4:51 AM #

    I am absolutely IN AWE of your day! HOW COOL! Doesn’t even seem real…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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    […] on the list of cool things I got to do in the month of July, was spending Bastille Day with the French in […]

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