My feelings on Drew Carey replacing the irreplaceable Bob Barker

24 Jul

I got into work this morning, played on the internet, caught up on some blogs, did some actual work, and ignored my boss while he read the headlines on MSNBC to me because, what the hell, he keeps throwing Harry Potter references in there just to make me freak out and go, “lalalalala, I can’t listen to this because I haven’t read the book yet because hates me and lalalalala.” So, I totally missed him saying “Drew Carey” and “Price is Right” in the same sentence.

Fastfoward an hour.

After finally making it to MSNBC myself, which was only after checking virtually everything else I ever check in the mornings (read: approximately one million blogs, my bank account, three email accounts, facebook, random news sources, both my calendars, more blogs) I screeched, “Did you say Drew Carey will host the Price is Right?!?!?”

The boss said, “uh, yeah, about an hour ago,” which probably only proved him right about those few times he said he told me something and that I just wasn’t listening, which, mind you, is not true at all.

Queue me searching deep inside myself, trying to figure out how I feel about this and ultimately realizing that this should not affect the stability of my mental health.

But, since this blog acts as my soap-box, I’d like to say that I’m strangely okay with Drew Carey doing it. He’s very lovable, he’s a very funny guy, and, most importantly, Bob Barker gave the okay. Still though, it won’t be the same. Bob Barker and the “Price is Right” go together like peas and carrots, and seeing someone else do it might be just a little bit sad. Plus Drew Carey is not old and adorable, and well…it just won’t be the same.

See the link for the story here.


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