Wait – it’s August? Was I not sent that memo? I’m con-fuzzled.

3 Aug

I’m very impressed with July.  It went by very quickly and somehow delivered me into August.  August means I’ve been deployed for exactly a year.  August means I only have three months left to be deployed.  August is beautiful as far as I’m concerned. 

Really, it’s all quite amazing how quickly my time here has gone by.  I’m pretty impressed with the whole deployment going by super quickly thing and honestly, I didn’t expect it at all.  A year ago, in Indiana, it felt like time could not possibly go by any slower, but then, after months (it felt like years) of toiling away in both Indiana and Germany, we somehow landed ourselves in Kosovo and ever since then, time has flown by. 

I feel for the people who will replace us, those poor souls who are just starting out at Camp Atterbury.  It sucks.  Poor KFOR 9.  But, maybe they’ll be like me and hope that it gets better once they get to Kosovo, because really?  It does. 


2 Responses to “Wait – it’s August? Was I not sent that memo? I’m con-fuzzled.”

  1. Ash August 5, 2007 at 12:10 AM #

    Have you thought any more about staying on with KFOR9, so as to avoid the possibility of going any place not as pleasant?

  2. Ash August 5, 2007 at 12:11 AM #

    Which is NOT to say I don’t want you to come home!!! Just thinking about your safety!!!!

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