What? Me, dream? Is this some sort of joke?

10 Aug

For some reason, I’ve been dreaming lately.  It’s strange.

Now, I’m sure I dream more frequently than I’m aware, but for the past two nights I’ve woken up and remembered my dreams.  This just doesn’t happen.  Over the course of this deployment (over a year now), I’ve probably remembered, or been aware of, five dreams.  That’s it.  And that’s likely a high estimate and does not include the three dreams that I remember from the past two nights. 

Let’s recap, shall we? 

The first dream I remembered promptly upon waking yesterday morning.  I was at home, or, rather, in a house that felt like the house I used to live in, but didn’t look like it.  I was in the kitchen, which was in the very back of the house.  I was either opening mail or chopping vegatables, which makes no sense either way, when the doorbell rang.  As soon as the sound met my ears, I put down whatever it was I was doing and started walking toward the front door, not to answer the door, but to get out of the house because I did not want to see the visitors, who were, as I discovered as I walked down the hallway, two women.  One smiled at me as we passed each other, while the other just looked at me.  After passing each woman, I continued down the long hallway and out the door and that was that.  The end.  Can we say anti-climactic? 

The second dream, which seems to have immediately followed the first in some sort of time-warp type of way, was just as dull.  Andrew and I were sitting in what was, apparently, a rental car.  The car was full of assorted crap, most of which was mixed CDs.  We were just sitting in the car while the car rental guy walked around the car inspecting it.  I looked at Andrew and might have said something, or maybe I didn’t, and then he got out of the car and started walking around it and inspecting it just like the car rental guy, but, when he got to the driver’s side headlight, he stopped and started tapping on it.  Then, I woke up. 

Now, both these dreams happened in the same night.  I see no reason whatsoever for why I remembered them.  Nothing happened in either dream and why my mind would choose these dreams to remember is…odd, but also makes me wonder if my sleeping mind is actually very, very dull. 

The third, and final dream I remember, was from last night.  I was in a poorly lit room (maybe it was mood lighting), standing in front of dresser with a big mirror on top of it.  My hair was fluffed up and, well, big.  I was wearing a leather jacket, skinny jeans, and heels.  Under the jacket was nothing but a full-coverage black bra.  I know about the bra because the entire dream involved me zipping and unzipping the jacket to reveal my stomach.  I was walking toward the mirror, looking at my stomach and watching the way it moved when I walked. I got the feeling I was preparing to go out and model, and was, all by myself, trying to figure out what looked best – the open jacket, or the closed jacket. I’m not sure what this means (not that I was sure about the first two either, but this one is just very, very strange).  Is this the vain girl that lives inside of me trying to escape? Is my innner diva calling for sweet release? Or is this my brain saying it’s glad I’m working out so that my abs can be catwalk-worthy? 

Anyone else having strange dreams?


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