Here – take my dreams and try to find logic. Please?

20 Aug

Apparently, remembering dreams is something I do now. 

So last night’s dream:  I was pregnant, which is weird enough on it’s own.  I had decided to take a very risky flight to North America.  Not anywhere in particular on the continent, just North America, with a heavy emphasis on the North part.  It seems that it was some sort of hijacker simulation training, but seemed to benefit the hijackers (who were, incidentally, all Soldiers that I work with on a daily basis), and not the passengers.  It was a normal plane, meaning it wasn’t some sort of military aircraft, but the seats all faced the right hand side.  Not a single seat faced forward.  Most of the passengers that accompanied me on this flight were fellow Soldiers (although none of us were wearing uniforms) with a few random faces thrown in, and a couple that I seemed to know in the dream, but not in real life who apparently live in Canada. 

Anyway, the flight eventually landed safely, which seemed to be a shock seeing as no one thought the flight would make it.  I gathered that taking that flight was a training exercise, although it was completely optional seeing as everyone thought it would crash. 

Did I mention I was pregnant?  Not hugely pregnant, but just a little pregnant, just enough to have a little baby bump. 

Once we landed and got off the plane I found the (apparently) Canadian couple and grabbed a few of my close friends.  We then boarded a tiny little plane (read: deathbox) that would take us back to where ever we had come from.  The plane was cramped, miserable, and you had to press your knees to your chest in order to fit in your seat. 

Somewhere in there was an elevator ride with a hateful little girl who asked if I was married.  I said no.  She then asked her mother all sorts of questions about why I was pregnant without a husband, but I didn’t seem to mind.  I seemed to be quite happy with the fact that I was pregnant and unmarried. 

Eventually we made it back to the couple’s house, which was this massive ranch-style place in the country where it rains all the time.  Come to find out, while we were out risking our lives on optional flights, the bad guys (terrorists? the hijackers? some foreign dudes? I don’t know.) were at the house killing people.  I remember seeing one person, another Soldier that is here with us on Bondsteel, get shot and then myself and the Canadian couple rushed over to him and I wasn’t sure if it was who I thought it was because he was wearing civilian clothes, but then he still had a name tape on and so I was sure it was him and then (insert long pause for dramatic effect) I woke up. 

The end. 


One Response to “Here – take my dreams and try to find logic. Please?”

  1. jenn August 25, 2007 at 4:06 AM #

    i read the pregnant part before reading the dream part…

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