Well hello there October, you look lovely.

1 Oct

At long last, October has arrived. This is a good sign. This means I have just the whole month of October left until I leave Kosovo, and then it will be November and then, at some point in November, I will be home. This means that KFOR 9 will be leaving Germany and arriving in Kosovo sometime in the near future. I can’t wait. It’s going to be madness here for a little bit, I know. That’s just how these things work. Doubling the number of Soldiers on Camp Bondsteel for a month will make things a little, shall we say, cramped. But it’s worth it. So worth it, especially if it means I get to go home.


Last night I got to thinking about where I was last year at the start of October. I was still at Camp Atterbury, ankle-deep in planning for our departure ceremony, which, luckily, I didn’t have that much to do with (hence, the ankle-deep). There were big training events going on that kept me busy, but that didn’t necessarily prepare me for the deployment. Nothing really could have prepared me for this deployment seeing as my job involves things that you can’t really do until you get here.

To be honest, the first month I was in Kosovo I wandered around confused. After that, I started to get some understanding of what I was doing and eventually, after several months, I gained confidence in my ability to do this job and promptly started kicking ass and taking names. But now, with the arrival of my counterpart a week or so away, I’m faced with the task of passing on a year’s worth of knowledge. That’s daunting. Very daunting.


One downside to this job: Stress-induced headaches.



Above is the most recent picture I’ve taken of the mountain. I’ve got to say, having that view from my front porch, and being greeted by it each morning, is wonderful.


2 Responses to “Well hello there October, you look lovely.”

  1. Jeff October 1, 2007 at 5:22 PM #

    Hang on, we (KFOR9) are on our way! We are as anxious to get started as you are to be done. See you soon.

  2. instatick October 2, 2007 at 2:35 PM #

    Jeff –
    I can’t wait! Some of your FINDET people have already arrived and I’ve got to admit, it’s exciting to see new faces popping up all over Bondsteel!

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