I shouldn’t have to work today – it’s Leif Erickson Day!

9 Oct

First of all, let me get the really important stuff out of the way first and say Happy Leif Erickson Day! 1007 years ago it’s possible that Leif Erickson became the first known European to walk on North America. Or, we could be wrong. But still, it’s a holiday (that doesn’t get anyone off work, but still)! Yay!

In other news Kosovo has decided, seeing as it’s October now, it’s time for autumn to hit and that there will be no more days when the temperature hits the 80 degree mark. I’m fine with this. Summer here was hot and dusty and I’m glad to see it end. I’m ready to pull out my jacket and gloves and furry fleece hat (and get on a plane that’s homeward bound).

I’m currently trying to figure out all the things I’ve learned in the past year of doing this job. See, I have to somehow make sense of all the things that have become second nature for me and pass them on to my KFOR 9 counterpart. For example, there are a lot of people that I deal with on an everyday basis and while I understand in my head what they do, I’ve never been very good at articulating to others things like job descriptions and definitions. Hell, I have a hard enough time explaining my job to people, much less the jobs of others.  Then there’s the things I do, the forms I handle, the calendars I maintain and on and on and on and I’m starting to become determined that my job requires things of me that I’m not even aware of anymore, mostly because I’ve been doing them for a year.

All in all, it’s just made me realize how into my job I’ve become.  I don’t think about a lot of the tasks I complete each day anymore, because, as I said, it’s second nature.  This job has challenged me, but it’s become a big part of me as well. I don’t think that was something I realized until just recently when I started consciously realizing the things I do each day in the hopes that I could pass them on to my counterpart.  Really, the knowledge of how much I’ve learned from this job only adds to the bittersweetness of my departure.

Oh, and KFOR 9 – seeing your faces here, on Bondsteel, at last, is awesome.  We love you.  You’re our saviors.  Thank you for showing up at long last.


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