You can’t say they don’t have personality

17 Oct

This whole week has been absolutely crazy. And it’s only Wednesday. My office was so crazy today that I actually ended up leaving early because I seriously believed my head would explode if I stayed any longer. I suppose this is just what happens when you double the number of people you usually have in your office and you add 1200 personalities to the existing 1500. I’ll just say it’s interesting and leave it at that, okay?

In other news, I can’t wait to leave. I had some initial hesitations and doubts about what it will be like to leave here, but now that KFOR 9 has moved in and started to take over, I’m realizing that my time here is up and it’s time for me to head home and go back to real life again. And who am I kidding? Real life can be pretty cool, or least my memories of it seem pretty cool. I know real life will involve wearing my hair down again (I am so over wearing my hair in a bun by the way), wearing clothes that are not made for men and shoes that are not boots and that are, instead, pretty. From what I remember, there are things called fountain sodas which are delicious, as are steaks, and food prepared by me. Also, did I mention shoes? Because I’m really, really excited about wearing shoes that are cute.

Basically, I’m ready to reconnect with the feminine side I seem to bury when I’m in uniform. So, so ready.

Lastly, because things like this make me feel less stressed out and help me laugh at life, this is funny and I think you should see it:



3 Responses to “You can’t say they don’t have personality”

  1. Liz October 17, 2007 at 9:49 PM #

    OH MY GOD! An Otter!!!

    For that reason alone this one is genius….and ridiculously cute.

  2. A Spouse October 18, 2007 at 4:47 AM #

    My husband recently arrived at Camp Bondsteel as part of KFOR9. I can only imagine how excited you are to be leaving. I long for the day, as this deployment draws to an end that he, too, can feel the excitement and anticipation of returning home.

  3. instatick October 18, 2007 at 5:05 PM #

    A Spouse –

    Stay strong – the time you spend apart from your husband will go quicker than expected. Also, I know he’s looking forward to returning home as well.

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