19 Dec

Despite having lived in Richmond on and off for the past four years, I still have the feeling that there’s so much of the city I have yet to discover. So, in an attempt to discover more of Richmond, Andrew and I went and visited Hollywood Cemetery.



I seem to have a habit of taking advantage of the places I live, as in I leave so much undiscovered. Maybe that’s why I get bored with places and get that familiar itch to leave.

The thing about Richmond is, I don’t want to get tired of it. I love it and for the past four years, in the midst of two long term departures from the city, it’s been the place I’ve called home.



I’ve been searching for someplace to call home for a long time, and I think Richmond has the potential to be that place. With each new discovery, I realize how much I love it here, how much I connect with this crazy city and how I can actually see myself staying here for more than just a little while.


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