And now it’s 2008

4 Jan

I know we’re already four days into the New Year and I’m a little late fashionably late on posting about the New Year, but that’s just how I roll. Don’t judge. jacket.jpg

I spent New Year’s Eve with Andrew and his friend Robb in Carytown. It was pretty fun, mostly because of the crazy people that were in attendance. Or maybe because Andrew wore the same Lucky Strike racing jacket he’s wearing in the picture to the right, which ultimately resulted in a butt-ton of attention. When Andrew wears this jacket, he usually gets plenty of compliments, but when you add crazy drunk people celebrating New Year’s Eve in Carytown, it’s a little bit of madness.

First, as Andrew and I were standing somewhere drinking our beers and freezing to death just a little bit, we decided to move spots in hopes of finding a pocket of warmth. But then, just as soon as we took one step forward, two girls screamed, “No, don’t go!” and demanded that they get a picture with him.  Which inevitably led him to wonder about the existence of what he calls his “fans,” which, not surprisingly, he’s still wondering about four days later.  It’s not clear if he was mistaken for someone else or not, or if the girls just thought he was wicked cool in all of his Andrew glory.

After that there seemed to be an increase in jacket compliments and then crazy drunk girl #1 was looking at him and asked if he was a bowler because, apparently, the circular Lucky Strike insignia on the back of the jacket looks like a bowling ball when you’re trashed.  Always willing to screw with people, Andrew tried to explain that no, he’s not a professional bowler, but instead races motorcycles (lies, I tell you, lies!), but drunk girl #1 was too drunk to understand English so, mostly, it was a wasted effort.

Then, right before midnight, we met Crazy Drunk Guy (CDG) who said he loved the jacket and that he was going to kill Andrew for it.  And then he laughed and said no, he was just messing with us.  Then we told him we were both in the Army and just came back from a deployment and then CDG went on a tirade about how he loves us because we’re Soldiers and yay for us, and then he said he might have to kill Andrew for the jacket.  And then he gave Andrew a beer. And then he said he loved us.  And so on and so forth and really, it was hilarious, and maybe, just maybe, a little scary.

Ultimately, it was a super fun night and even resulted in me running into not one, but two old friends, so, yay for 2008!

I know I’m a few days late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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