The first leg of the awesome(est) vacation (ever.)

24 Jan

Andrew and I got in a cab bound for Reagen National Airport at 4:40 AM on January 8th because I am crazy and frequently give up my sleep in order to ensure that I am always crazy early for any and all travel engagements.  Oh, and also because we had a 6:59 AM flight to Newark, where we would then hop up a plane for our final destination – Vegas, baby! Vegas!

At one point, before getting deployed and flying back and forth across the ocean several times, I used to be a little terrified of flying.  Out of habit, I got nervous, but once airborne I realized I now actually enjoy flying.  In fact, the only crappy part of the flight to Newark was the evil bitch behind me who decided that it would be a good idea to paint her nails on an airplane.  For the record, let me say that painting your nails on an airplane is similar in evilness to farting in a full elevator – it’s just not something that should be done. Ever.

While the flight from Newark to Vegas was a little long, and while airlines apparently don’t feed passengers anymore (which by the way is EVIL, because hello!? we were in the air for six hours and you give me a banana?! What the hell is that about evil airlines?!), which meant Andrew and I almost died of starvation before we got to Vegas, but I was all sleeping on his shoulder and looking up at him and being the happiest I’ve ever been, so really, that made the starvation totally worth it (almost).

Once we got to Vegas, we learned that even the airport has slot machines, and really, that’s just awesome.  Oh, and seeing palm trees just before we landed made me smile entirely too much and then, for the first time in my whole entire life, I saw cacti growing wild.  I’ve been to Hawaii, and I’ve been to Texas, but never anywhere in between, so going to Nevada and seeing Vegas was absolutely, positively wonderful.

We stayed at the Luxor, which was very, very cool, and very, very pretty.  We had a room on the 30th floor in the pyramid and the view was awesome.

Our first night in Vegas to drove down the strip, just to see all the lights and all the glitz and all the wowness that is Vegas and we crashed early because really, when it was 10:00 PM in Vegas, in was 1:00 AM in Richmond, and seeing as we’d been up since 4:00 AM Richmond time, which translates to 1:00 AM Vegas time, we were a little, shall we say, exhausted.

Day two in Vegas was spent driving around the desert with Andrew’s father and stepmother, visiting the Hoover Dam, taking Dam pictures, crossing into Arizona, taking pictures of the Valley of Fire,  and meeting up with Andrew’s mother and a few of his friends.  It was an awesome day, mostly because it was spent exploring new places, laughing at Andrew, getting butterflies in our stomach and enjoying ourselves.

What happened on day three in Las Vegas will have to wait for another day, because Andrew and I are finally moving across the hall into an apartment with a window, but trust me when I tell you that we went to Vegas to do what couples go to Vegas to do.

Oh, and maybe later I’ll post pictures of the first few days in Vegas, but I can’t promise anything, because I have a new kitchen to clean, laundry to wash, stuff to move, and pictures to hang.


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