Freakin’ Awesome Honeymoon Stop #1 : Labadee, Haiti

8 Feb

Now that Comcast has restored my internet and I’m not devoting large amounts of time to glaring at my modem in hopes that it might explode from the death rays shooting from my eyes, it’s time for gushing about my honeymoon, because really, I got married and I deserve to gush (holy run on sentence!).

The first stop on our cruise was, in case you missed the title of this blog, Haiti. Labadee, Haiti to be exact which is actually a little privately-owned (by Royal Caribbean) penisula/corner of Haiti. But still, even if I haven’t been to Haiti proper, I think it’s still pretty cool that I can say I’ve been to Haiti. I mean really, how many people get to go to Haiti?

Basically, the whole point of our day in Haiti was to relax on the beach, drink Labadoozies, admire the absolutely beautiful scenery and engage in other sorts of vacation debauchery. As it turns out, Andrew and I are both absolute professionals when it comes to things of the vacation debauchery nature.

First we laid out on the beach, because you know, it was freakin’ gorgeous and beautiful and looked something like this picture, only more magnificent and more awe-inducing:


Then we wandered around the island, looking at all sorts of wonderful things and generally enjoying the sunshine and the gorgeousness of the place. We ate lunch that the cruise line provided on the island for us, listened to the Haitian musicians try to sell everyone on the island maracas and even got ourselves some Labadoozies, which, as far as we could tell was some sort of fruity rum drink that was delicious. Also, we climbed some rocks, watched people go down the zip line, and had our breath stolen over and over again by views like this one:


After all that excitement, Andrew decided it was time to snorkel. Now, I had never snorkeled before this. Also, I can’t swim (hush with your shock and awe – yes, I am 23 and no, for real, I can’t swim.) and being in water that’s over my head generally freaks me the hell out, even if there is a little floating thing around my neck (which, because he might have been trying to kill me after four days of marriage, Andrew told me I didn’t really need). So, not surprisingly, on our first trip out to attempt snorkeling, I freaked the hell out and got water all down my snorkel and might have even threatened to murder the ocean once or twice.

Eventually, after clingy to Andrew for dear life for several minutes and after a great deal of soothing words and promises that the floaty thing would not let me drown, we tried again, because, obviously, I like torture. Once back in the water with the floaty thing around my neck, I did much better. Granted, every time I put my face in the water I got a little jolt of nerves that told me I was an idiot because really, people aren’t supposed to put their faces in the freakin’ ocean and be able to see and breathe; it defies the natural order of things.

Don’t tell anyone, but I actually had fun snorkeling after I saw my first fish (a little purple one). Also, Andrew, being the awesome husband that he is, held my hand the whole time we were out by the reefs, which, a few weeks after the fact still makes my heart act like a cracked out butterfly.

Lastly, we managed to look absolutely adorable in pictures like this one:


Apparently, looking adorable is something we’re also quite good at.


2 Responses to “Freakin’ Awesome Honeymoon Stop #1 : Labadee, Haiti”

  1. Marcus Hill February 9, 2008 at 7:00 AM #

    A really awesome destination I agree

  2. Ankit Swarnkar March 22, 2015 at 3:08 AM #

    Married with TWO dogs! One wasn’t enough? !

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