And now, your weekend update

28 Apr


  • Sadie Dog woke me up by sticking her nose in my ear, licking my face over and over, and smacking me in the head with her little dog paws.
  • Andrew and I spent an hour debating whether or not to go to the bank and set up a joint account. This was at about ten and so we didn’t have much time. By the time noon rolled around and we still hadn’t gone due to our need for showers, and our apartment’s need for cleaning, I tried to set up a joint account online. But that didn’t work. So I called them. And 15 minutes later we had a joint account. Not only do we share a bed, a dog, and apartment, we now share all of our dollars and cents.
  • Andrew went grocery shopping all by his lonesome. I was tres proud.
  • I went to a baby shower for the girl I’m taking over for at work. I ate lots of delicious and sinful things.
  • I came home from the baby shower and promptly grabbed the dog and the husband and left for my mom’s house.
  • We stopped in Fredricksburg to get windshield wipers and learned the Volkswagens are strange and make life difficult and so we didn’t get to replace the windshield wipers.
  • We got my mom’s and her dogs and my dogs met. It went well. Sadie Dog thinks cats are hilarious and really, really, really wanted to play with my sister’s cat.
  • We left my mother’s without our doggie and went to Alexandria to hang out with our friend Robb.
  • We went to bed way too late.


  • Woke up early, ate breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, and went to visit my Grandmother.
  • We came back to Robb’s house, griped about being tired, and then, and this is maybe the most exciting part, we went to the Nationals v. Cubs baseball game in DC. This was the first professional sports game I have ever been to in my entire life, mostly because I know zip, zero, nada about sports. For example, Robb asked what I knew about baseball and I told him I knew it involved hitting balls with sticks. Also, I asked if third base involved heavy petting. Seriously, I know nothing.
  • I discovered that going to sports games is fun because you can yell anything you want and get away with it.
  • We left the game, got stuck in traffic, took Robb home and headed to my mom’s to get the doggie.
  • After a little traffic, we got to my mom’s exit, grabbed the dog and headed home. And that’s where the fun really started. See, I’m crazy, and so playing awesome older songs, like Meat Loaf’s “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” and singly poorly to them is great fun in my book. And since Andrew was tired and told me to put on music to keep him awake I took that to mean that being ridiculous while playing songs would be more than appropriate. And so, I grabbed a flash light from my purse, used it as a microphone and sang my little heart out.
  • After much singing, or well, screeching like a dying duck, we got home. And slept.

Yeah, I’m exhausted. BUT, after working all day, I still came home and got my little tushie on the treadmill. FInally.

Oh, and the dog hates the treadmill. A lot.


4 Responses to “And now, your weekend update”

  1. turnonthestars April 29, 2008 at 6:41 AM #

    Oh man! I think I should go to a sports game. Vent out some frustrations by yelling things at people who can’t hear you. That’d be awesome.

  2. MLBDaddy April 29, 2008 at 7:40 AM #

    How have you lived 24 years of life and not attended a pro sporting event? I weep tears for you. Did you have any good stadium food?

  3. jenny April 29, 2008 at 9:17 AM #

    wow, you had a busy weekend! first sports game – i like this – ‘hitting balls with sticks’ – crack me up! oh, and my kid hates my treadmill probably as much as your dog hates yours!

  4. Ash April 29, 2008 at 6:44 PM #

    Oh, hey, T, – your impression that Sadie does not chew on shoes or other oddities was very wrong, as she was caught red pawed with Rhia’s shoe, and then Rhia had to extricate a sock from her – it was half way down little Sadie’s throat…that’s why we gave her the bone to gnaw on…but I’m not complaining, just letting you know! Sadie is welcome here anytime! I really don’t know how she handles it in an apartment – that pup has sure got super puppy energy. She leaps, runs, jumps, flies…she’s SuperDog!

    Seriously, I do think you ought to teach her to run on the treadmill, like dog whisperer does – she loves to run so much. She was running circles around Rhia just for the sheer joy of running.

    Had a blast with her – hope to see her and you two soon!

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