4th of July Debauchery

6 Jul

Back in May I spent some time complaining about feeling lonely and whining about lacking a friend base.  And then, I got friends.  A whole group of them. 

At my apartment there is a communal balcony and all the smokers go out there and drink beers and talk and chat and, after spending several Friday and Saturday nights together, we’ve all deemed it appropriate to call each other friends.  In fact, we’re so awesome that we’re having t-shirts made. 

Anyway, since we all live here and we’re all awesome and we all love America (even the Canadian, or, as he recently dubbed himself, the Kanukistani), we decided to engage in some 4th of July fun (which all ends up as debauchery) right here in the comfort of our own apartment building.  We’re lucky enough to have a perfect view of the Richmond skyline, and thus had perfect views of the multiple fireworks shows that went off all over this city on Friday night.  Which was just totally and completely badass because fireworks are still cool, and regardless of how old I get, I still throw out plenty of exclamations of delight at the sight of them. 

But then, right after singing the National Anthem, we thought we saw a firework, still smoking, land on a building.  And then we became determined that the building was smoking like crazy because, well, because it was.  We did the only logical thing to do at this point – we called 911.  And then, right as the finale of one of the fireworks shows was going off, we hightailed it down the street, collected a firefighter, and took him to the spot where we were determined there was a fire.  And our friend the fireman said, as soon as we pointed to it, “that’s smoke from that factory.”  And wouldn’t you know it?  We all felt like dumbasses.  But then, sensing we were sad that we had caused no less than four firetrucks to arrive in our neighborhood, the kind fireman told us we did the right thing and while we still felt pretty stupid for mistakenly calling 911, we were at least happy that we got to hang with a fireman for a few minutes. 

Then, we had a picnic.  An MRE picnic.  In case you didn’t know, MREs are Meals Ready to Eat that the Army issues us.  They come in a nice brown plastic bag and each MRE contains different food.  For example, for an entree you could have such strange and exciting things as a beef patty, or vegetarian cheese tortelli, or even a grilled chicken breast that smells like tuna.  Delish.  Most of our friends hadn’t had MREs before, and other friends hadn’t had MREs since they were in the Marines years ago, and so, since we were all feeling good and American we had an MRE picnic.  It was hilarious.  And I, of course forgot my camera.  Shocking, I know.


3 Responses to “4th of July Debauchery”

  1. Wright July 6, 2008 at 6:57 PM #

    Sweet Fourth of July story. Bummer about there not actually being a fire, but still probably good that there wasn’t in the end.

  2. anOCgirl July 7, 2008 at 8:19 AM #

    actually, it was probably a good thing that there wasn’t a fire, despite the firefighters being called. but the important question is this: were any of them cute?

  3. instatick July 7, 2008 at 6:39 PM #

    Of course the firefighters were cute! 🙂

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