Belated bitterness toward “fake” planet Pluto

17 Jul

I know we stopped calling Pluto a “real” planet in 2006.  I get it.  That said, I only just realized this is annoying. 

For about half of 2006 and almost all of 2007 I was either getting ready to deploy to Kosovo, or I was deployed to Kosovo.  The deployment left little room for thinking about things like Pluto, or the entire solar system for that matter.  So forgive me if I’m a little late with this complaint.  Sh**t happens. 

I am annoyed, two years late, because it just now occurred to me that the saying they taught us in first grade to remember the order of the planets is now useless information that I labored over memorizing at the tender age of 5.  And that’s crap. 

The saying used to be “My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas,” but now?  There are no pizzas because there is no Pluto! Pluto, you see, is not a real planet.  It is instead, a “dwarf-planet,” whatever the h that means.

Thanks NASA. You really know how to make me smile.

(Don’t worry about the mess – I’ll get a rag and clean up the drippings from the snarky sarcasm in a minute.)


One Response to “Belated bitterness toward “fake” planet Pluto”

  1. turnonthestars July 18, 2008 at 7:59 AM #

    I’m going to the kennedy space station on my tour! Would you like me to voice your concerns to them? I’m rather upset for Pluto too.

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