Recapping the Weekend

21 Jul

Friday night was spent, as usual, on the porch of my apartment complex having copious amounts of fun, laughing and drinking and having an all around fabulous time. In the throes of debauchery we managed to become quite the clique/gang, especially as we went on and on about how there are six founding members of our little group, and anyone else who wants to be in the group must go through initiation and will, until they become full members, be known as prospects.  And they have to do what we tell them.  Like not talk.  Or drink their beers.  Yeah, the initiation process is pretty rough. 


We also managed to strip one member of his membership status as he was out with a girl instead of partaking in the now mandatory Friday night madness. 


Dorks?  Us?  Really?  No…we’re actually very, very cool just in a very, very dorky sort of way. 



Saturday was spent mostly lounging in the house thinking about cleaning things and baking cookies but actually being too lazy to do any such thing.  It’s possible I was a little bit hungover too, but mostly, I’ve just gotten to be very, very lazy on Saturdays.  The dog was sick and had many accidents in the house, none of which I could be mad at her for and so, because both of us were feeling pretty tired, we napped until the Andrew came home.



Saturday night was spent in much the same way Friday night was.  The only difference was Andrew had to be at work by seven on Sunday morning and thus, very responsibly, went to sleep quite early.  One member of the group, who moved a few weeks ago, made a triumphant return and thus, there was cause for much celebration. 



Sunday I slept, because really, after two nights of drinking, that’s about the only thing you can do.  Just before noon, however, Andrew came home from work with a Wii and a Wii Fit.  Thus, I pulled myself off the couch and remedied my aching head with such fantastic things as Tennis, Bowling, and Boxing.  The Wii is awesome, just in case you were wondering. 


After humoring ourselves with games, Andrew had to get ready to go cover the return of the 237th Engineer Company from Iraq, and so, as he was getting ready, I installed the Wii Fit and learned that I am not fat, but old, and ridiculously unbalanced.  After messing with that for a bit, I actually ventured out of my nice cool apartment and went grocery shopping. Then there was napping, and then, once Andrew returned home from the welcome home ceremony and from rubbing elbows with Gov. Kaine, I made him get on the Wii Fit.  Turns out, he loves it too.


The end. 



PS – I still hate Monday, but at least there’s coffee to keep me awake.  


One Response to “Recapping the Weekend”

  1. Alverna August 1, 2008 at 4:31 PM #

    Can I just say I am very, very jealous of The Porch Gang? Very much.


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