Holy Weekend of Wonderfulness, Batman!

28 Jul


Let me preface this by saying that looking forward to the weekend is a relatively new thing for me.  Of course in high school I waited, with bated breath, for the weekend to arrive and the debauchery to ensue, but since then, weekends haven’t held nearly as much appeal as they once did.  In college, due to my masterful talents at planning a schedule that required me to roll out of bed no earlier than 11:00 AM each day, pretty much every night was a party night.  In Kosovo, I didn’t really have a weekend off, just Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and there wasn’t ever much excitement to participate in anyway.  But now that I’m working five days a week, the weekend has triumphantly regained its appeal and I’m once again finding myself anxious for five o’clock on Friday.


This past weekend was quite possibly the best weekend ever and was, in fact, damn near perfect. 


Friday night Hubby and I did what we always do on Friday nights – hung out on the porch with our newly formed and frequently hilarious group of friends.  We had fun, as we always do on the porch, and, most amazingly, we managed to create plans, something we didn’t think we had any talent for previously.  See, we planned to leave the porch Saturday night and go to dinner, and, on top of that, we planned to go to the river on Sunday. We’re amazing, I know.


I didn’t wake up Saturday until about 11 AM and was shocked (and yes, maybe a little awed too) because I didn’t know I know how to sleep in late anymore.  After making breakfast things remained pretty uneventful as we spent almost the entire day cleaning the house and waiting for the arrival of Andrew’s friend R from Alexandria. 


After a short game of golf on the Wii, we actually saw our plans come into fruition when we all met on the porch at the appointed time and headed off to dinner.  Well, E didn’t make it because he was sleeping, but still, getting almost everyone in one place at one time shows that we at least have some talent for planning, right? 


Anyway, because we know we are a loud and generally rather obnoxious group, we sat outside at Capital Ale House far and away from anyone that might take offense to our ridiculous conversations and hypothetical quandaries. 


After dinner and a quick run to the grocery store and CVS, where possibly, just maybe, we made absolute asses out of ourselves in front of a very young looking, and very scared looking, police officer, we headed home. 


Once home, L and I danced around the porch to the Rolling Stones and other various artists, which was a little strange because I NEVER, EVER, UNDER ALMOST ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DANCE, and yet, there I was, dancing to the Rolling Stones like the white girl lacking rhythm that I am.  It’s possible the porch is magical and makes you lose ridiculous inhibitions that have stopped you from making an ass out of yourself at things like high school dances, weddings, and backyard parties for years, or maybe I had been drinking.  I’m not sure which…


Regardless of the potential magic of the porch, and besides dancing poorly to the Stones, other highlights from Saturday night include: 

  •  Sadie Dog popping one of the prized beach balls we bought at CVS for $1.67.
  • D putting on a hippie skirt and doing a short, although memorable, dance around the porch and then loudly remarking over and over and over that HE loved wearing a skirt and wished HE could wear it every day because, um, apparently the breeze is nice.
  •  L intimidating other people who frequent the porch but who lack the common sense and/or respect to clean up their messes that include such things as BROKEN GLASS.
  • A beach chair folding up on someone, although that chair is possessed and does that pretty much every night so really, it wasn’t that surprising – just funny. 
  • Beating each other with a beach noodle we got at CVS.


Sunday morning I made breakfast for the Hubby and R and then we were off to the river.  As it turns out, Sadie Dog can swim.  It’s actually pretty impressive, and I wish now, in retrospect, I had taken video footage of the madness that is my dog swimming, but alas, all I have is a few pictures which I might actually post just so you can get some small idea of how silly my dog looks when she is swimming.


We spent about three hours at the river and had copious amounts of fun until the threat of a thunderstorm chased us off and we went home and I found five (still cold and definitely not urine) bottles of beer in the parking lot, which we, of course, drank. 


The Hubs, R and I showered (separately)  and sped to the movie theater to see the Dark Knight.  Which rocked.  Hard.  Seriously, it was amazing and I highly recommend it.  I know absolutely NOTHING of Batman or any other comic related thing for that matter, but that movie was amazing.  So amazing in fact, that I would go as far as to say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years.  For reals.  I thought, like many others are probably thinking, that the hype about Heath Ledger’s performance was because of his death, but that’s bullshit.  He did an AMAZING JOB playing the Joker and should in fact, be the recipient of much praise, love, and Oscars.  Also, Christian Bale is sexy.  Dead sexy. 


Stop-Loss with Ryan Phillipe on the other hand, which we watched at home last night, sucked.  Just so you know.  We were maybe, possibly, just a little excited about it seeing as its all military related and whatnot, but no.  It was awful.  Ryan Phillipe, while hot, is actually only good at looking angry.


3 Responses to “Holy Weekend of Wonderfulness, Batman!”

  1. Julia July 29, 2008 at 5:30 PM #

    I was actually looking forward to watching Stop-Loss. I guess the trailers can be deceiving.

  2. nicoleantoinette July 30, 2008 at 10:15 AM #

    I’m glad you had such a great weekend!! Sounds like a total blast.

  3. generation next September 3, 2008 at 12:07 PM #

    I love porch-sitting too! Do you have shared porch?(you said you had scared others away). I lament the end of summer and possible end to porch sitting. No wait, now that it will not be oppressively hot, more porch sitting will be able to happen!

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