Yes we can

12 Sep

Not gonna lie. This makes my throat tight, and my eyes wet.

I want change so bad that the thought of not getting it makes me hurt so bad.  Come on America, lets turn a page and change.

Obama ’08.


2 Responses to “Yes we can”

  1. Harry September 13, 2008 at 7:30 PM #

    I watched this again after not having seen it in a few months. And I have to say, even I, cynical as I am about all politics, find this uplifting –but now, also nostalgic.

    So much has occurred in the short time since this video was made and the race has tightened, and is tightening still. He says, the nation is not as divided as our politics would have us believe. Guess we’ll see.

    I come back to the notion, however, that in a nation of almost 300 millions of people, to have the leadership choice come down to just two persons — not three, or even six, and with money so much the driver for these campaigns that make such twisted compromises of the efforts, no matter their idealism — I have to ask: Is this the process we really want?

  2. anOCgirl September 14, 2008 at 6:32 PM #

    i know EXACTLY how you feel. i’m going to blog about it later this week but i decided to volunteer for the obama campaign last week and will defintely do it again. you’d be surprised how many undecided voters there are in VA so it’s important for us to start spreading the truth because many are believing the lies in mccain’s ads. change is so close i can almost taste it. and i don’t even want to guess as to how i will feel if mcsame gets elected.

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