The 2nd Longest Weekend in the History of ’08

6 Oct

This weekend kicked my ass. It was, as all exhausting weekends are, an Army weekend. Unlike other Army weekends though, it was three days of Army fun, as opposed to the usual two.

I am so tired, I can barely move.

My brain is not functioning and whenever someone asks me a question all I can seem to do is tilt my head a little to the side and stare at them in complete ignorance because whatever switch that’s usually flipped in my brain and that makes me coherent enough to engage in coversation is obviously broken today.

Despite the exhaustion, I’m awake just enough to realize the weather this past weekend was perfect, and, had it been any different, it’s possible (read: likely) I would have spent the entire weekend complaining. But no. October is proving to be the most beautiful and pleasant month yet and, because of the autumn loveliness, I even took a nap outside on Saturday. Granted, I didn’t have anything better to do and the waiting made me pass out with boredom, but without the perfect weather conditions my nap wouldn’t have been nearly as fabulous.

Being that we were in the middle of nowhere, we got to see stars at night. I had almost forgotten about stars with my whole living in the city thing. Turns out, stars are still beautiful.

I realized I love the Army when, right before we loaded up to drive back to Ft. Belvoir, I watched two Soldiers discuss what inferences could be drawn from Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled.”

I’m not sure who I would be if I if I wasn’t in the military. I love it. Despite the gripes and complaints and the grumbles and the late nights, sore muscles and silliness, my life wouldn’t be nearly as full if I hadn’t made the decision to sign my life away to Uncle Sam five and a half years ago.

In the end, pride makes everything worth it.


One Response to “The 2nd Longest Weekend in the History of ’08”

  1. anOCgirl October 7, 2008 at 8:43 AM #

    awww…this post gave me warm fuzzies. i’m happy that you’re happy (despite the fatigue).

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