Something about a one track mind…

9 Oct


That’s just about the only thing on my mind right now.

We, meaning Andrew, L, D, maybe E, and I intend to hit the road and head straight for the beach the moment I get home from work tomorrow. I cannot wait. I need the break. I need to decompress. I need to get away. I NEED to see the ocean and be with friends and just chilllax for a while because this stressing out all the time thing is running me absolutely RAGGED. My body is exhausted and my brain, while fried, has ceased being able to process thoughts that don’t revolve around THE BEACH.

In addition, we’ve been talking and planning this little mini-vacation for about, oh, I’d say the last TWO AND HALF MONTHS which really is quite amazing when you consider that it’s only a two and a half day vacation and we’ve been planning it for almost as long as I planned my honeymoon. Seriously. It doesn’t require much planning to go to the beach with close friends for two days. All you need is a car, a cooler filled with beer, a comfy pair of jeans, some underroos, a few worn in sweatshirts and some camping chairs. That’s it. Everything beyond that is just excess.

I’m excited too about getting to drive. I haven’t driven anywhere fun in what feels like forever. I am craving the open highway, the windows down, and a car filled with laughter and loud music. I can’t think of better place to be than in that car, or on that beach with those crazy friends of mine. They’re just awesomer than awesome, really.

Did I mention BEACH and that it’s gotten later since I started writing this post, and thus my brain is getting even more hysterical as it thinks about BEACH and ohmygoodness, IS IT TIME TO GET YET PLEASE?!?!

Could I see a show of hands of who thinks I’m going to be able to sleep tonight with all this beach excitement going through my mind? Yeah, it’s just not gonna happen. I’m like that little kid from the Disney commercial who says “I’m too excited sleep” in the most adorable little kid voice ever. In fact, it’s likely that three o’clock this morning I’ll be rolling around in bed mumbling that exact same thing while the dog rolls her eyes at me and husband punches in my arm. Should be a good time for all involved.


One Response to “Something about a one track mind…”

  1. titus2woman October 9, 2008 at 4:29 PM #

    OH this is THE PERFECT time to go, too! I was hoping for a fall trip myself, seein’ as I was injured in bed all summer. BUT this is folk festival weekend~WAHOOO! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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