One week & some other things I thought too

28 Oct

One week. One stinkin’ week. That’s all that’s left of this absolutely INSANE election season.

I can’t wait. I want to see the outcome. I want to uncross my toes and my fingers. I want change. I want hope. I want to stop hearing John McCain’s voice. I want the world to be safe from Sarah Palin for at least four more years. I want the stories on NPR to be about something other than the election and the economy going belly up. I want Virginia to go blue for the first time in too long. I want a reason to celebrate. I want people who haven’t ever voted before to vote.

I’m just so ready. It just feels like we’re on the cusp of something. Like if Barack wins, things change, inevitably,because look at us! We’re not so ass-backwards that we can’t handle a black man in the White House. Go U-S-A! Or something.


Went to a hockey game on Friday night. Turns out I FREAKIN’ LOVE HOCKEY. Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me that Hockey (especially minor league) is like the most fun sport in the entire history of sports?


Andrew is out of town until tomorrow night. The house is clean and quiet without him. It feels weird.


I hate working on my resume and “why I’m great” essay things. I do not do well when it comes to portraying little ole me as awesome. That said, I have little choice in the matter and I’m terrified that if, in these essay things, I do not make myself sound fabulous enough or if I make myself sound too fabulous then hopes and dreams and things will be dashed. And we don’t want that. At all.


3 Responses to “One week & some other things I thought too”

  1. Laurie October 28, 2008 at 3:32 PM #

    I am so excited for the election too! I already voted because I’ll be out of town (boo – work stuff!) next week. I am so ready for change – and I think Sarah Palin will get laughed at if she runs in 2012. I’ll be laughing, that’s for sure.

    I hope Virginia goes blue – which, I’m pretty sure it will!!

  2. anOCgirl October 28, 2008 at 8:30 PM #

    Laurie: i might cry if palin runs in 2012. she’s too far right for me.

    can you believe the longest election season ever is finally coming to an end? i plan on staying up as late as possible on election night. if obama wins, i want to remember the moment that it’s announced.

    even with your hubby gone, the house is still quiet and clean despite the puppy? 🙂

  3. nicoleantoinette October 29, 2008 at 1:51 AM #

    Let me know if I can help at all in the essay writing; I’m pretty good at it 🙂

    And yes, ELECTION-FEST. Ah.

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