Attack of the hyperventilating Obama/House Hunting Maniac

30 Oct

Just sent my realtor seven (7!) property listings that me and the Husband would like to go look at in the near future. I think maybe the best part about house hunting is getting to look around other peoples homes. It’s like a free pass to trespass. I mean really, when else can you go into someone else’s home you don’t know and peek in their closets?

Really though I have house fever and want nothing more than to drop everything and spend the next how ever long it takes looking at houses until we find THE ONE and then I want to start painting and hanging things up on the wall and I want to go to IKEA because I REALLY miss IKEA and have not been in…..well, I can’t even remember and that’s just RIDICULOUS because IKEA is one of my favorite places. And I need frames. I need to go to IKEA and buy frames because we have a ridiculous amount of things that would like to go on our walls but can’t because we lack framing capabilities. Also, I just love IKEA about would like to go and live in their showrooms.

I’m also holding my breath because the election is so close and I can barely stand it. I’ve started watching CNN in the morning as I get ready and find myself, once again, nervously clicking on poll results and biting my nails and hoping, hoping, hoping this thing turns out the right way.

I can’t pinpoint one reason why I support Obama so ferociously. I tried, but I can’t. The biggest piece that resonates with me is that Obama has given me hope. I know that’s cliche and part of his campaign, but it’s true. He’s given me hope that America can overcome a history of bigotry and racism and hate and finally, FINALLY put someone in the white house who isn’t white and male and the same. Because really, isn’t it about time for a change?

Found here: Design for Obama


One Response to “Attack of the hyperventilating Obama/House Hunting Maniac”

  1. Tom Sanchez Prunier October 30, 2008 at 2:42 PM #

    First of all, when you buy a home, don’t fill it with IKEA furniture. Yes, my wife and I have some, but IKEA, despite some recent up-scaling, still makes temporary furniture.

    As for your unwavering support of Barack Obama, I think the New York Times endorsement (link below) sums it up. He will be, above all, an elected president, and he will appoint the best people for the job, use sound judgment and help restore our middle class, and by extension, our economy. Plus, he will reboot the war on terror and start removing troops from the occupation of Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorists of any cause.

    Here’s the editorial:

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